Recent news and events



  • Welcome to the group, XiaoJia Liu (MRes Chemical Biology) and David Sharp (PhD)! Xiaojia and David are from Department of Chemistry under joint supervision by Dr Ben Schumann and Dr Yan Liu. 



  • Warmest congratulations to Professor Ten Feizi who has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for her pioneering work in assignments of biological roles to glycan sequences in developmental and disease-associated processes (
  • Antonio di Maio joins our Wellcome Trust Carbohydrate Microarray Facility as Microarray Project Leader
  • Welcome to Masters students Daniel Brown and Jade Cobham who joined the group for their 5-month projects under joint supervision by Dr Yan Liu and Dr Alexiane Decout



  • Welcome to Dr Yan Liu’s new PhD students joining the group: Vladimir Bokun and Yuan Chen!
    Congratulations to Vladimir who has been awarded the President's PhD Scholarship 2020.


  • Welcome to Dr Alexiane Decout who has joined IRDB with her prestigious Imperial College Research Fellowship! Alexiane’s programme aims at understanding how the vaginal microbiota modulate the innate immune system, especially via C-type lectin whose stimulation can variously mitigate of predispose to preterm birth.


  • Welcome to Dr Jodie Abrahams who has joined the group as a Research Associate in our Wellcome Trust Carbohydrate Microarray Facility


  • Professor Ten Feizi received the 2020 Haworth Memorial Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Group for her pioneering development of glycan microarrays. (  Congratulations, Ten!


  • Liz was Emeritus Professor of Biological Chemistry at Birkbeck College London and was one of the pioneers in the application of modern analytical techniques to structure determination of immunologically active and other biologically important oligosaccharides. Liz, a former Research Associate in the Glycosciences Laboratory is fondly remembered for her enthusiasm and quick mind; she was always great company both socially and in the laboratory.



  • Grant to celebrate: We have received a new £1.34M Wellcome Trust Biomedical Resource Grant (2019-2023) to support our Carbohydrate Microarray Facility “Carbohydrate Microarray Facility for the New Era of Glycomics” Press release

26 September

  • Launch Meeting of the Glycobiology Imperial Network of Excellence


  • Welcome Dr Virginia Tajadura-Ortega who joined the group as a Research Associate in our March of Dimes Centre programme


  • Professor Ten Feizi and Dr Yan Liu gave plenary and invited talks, respectively, at the 25th International Symposium of Glycoconjugate, Milan, Italy.


  • Welcome Dr Antonio Di Maio joined the group as a Research Associate in our BBSRC project on the fluorinated ‘specialty glycans’


  • Dr Yan Liu has been appointed a lectures in Glycosciences at Imperial College London.