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Welcome to the alumni community

Your relationship with Imperial doesn’t end when you graduate. As an alumnus, you’ll be part of a community of over 200,000 Imperial graduates, bound together by your shared experience. This connection will endure far beyond the years you have spent on campus. You are entitled to exclusive alumni benefits, including the Alumni Visitor Centre at the South Kensington Campus, membership of our online platform, Imperial Plexus, and access to online resources, campus libraries and the Student Union bar. You are also invited to join us at alumni events around the world, and your local community are waiting to welcome you to one of our alumni groups and associations.

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From 20th November 2023, Alumni whose conferral date was more than six months ago will no longer be able to access the "My Documents" tab via MyImperial.  

What does that mean for student leavers? 

Supporting your future career

After you graduate, you can continue to access expert support from the Careers Service for up to three years. Even after this period, you can still find support as an experienced graduate to help build on your successes and take the next step in your career. 

You can also inspire the ambition of our current students. As an alumnus, there are a number of ways that you can get involved, including attending careers events, providing mentoring and offering work shadowing opportunities.

Leave your mark on Imperial 

Generations of Imperial’s alumni have made the College what it is today, and their generous support continues to help students at the College who face economic hardship. Their support transforms the Imperial experience for students whose financial distress puts their studies in jeopardy. Together, you can make an immense impact on future generations of students. 

You are now a valued member of the Imperial alumni family, and we hope you will seize this opportunity to join the donor community and make a difference to the students who follow you. 

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