On this page, you will find links to Imperial Hazelab repository where some of our publications are available for download!

A link to Prof Guillermo Rein's blog is also shown below. 


Hazelab's Publication

This is the research publication search engine on all Hazelab members' publication. Click here to can find the list and download link of our publications.

Prof Guillermo Rein's Google Scholar Profile

This is the Google Scholar Profile of Prof Guillermo Rein.Here you can find the list paper that Prof Guillermo Rein published and list of other authors he collaborated with.

Hazelab Data Repository

This is the data repository of the Imperial Hazelab hosted by Zenodoclick here to find datasets from various Hazelab published work, workbooks for simulation software, etc.

Gpyro Working Group

This working group is open to anyone. Here you can ask anything related to Gpyro Simulations.

Prof Guillermo Rein's Blog

This is the personal blog of Prof Guillermo Rein. Here you can find PhD Studentship opportunity and thoughts from Prof Guillermo Rein