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AB - Multiple Coulomb scattering (MCS) is a well-known phenomenon occurring when charged particlestraverse materials. Measurements of muons traversing low Z materials made in the MuScat experimentshowed that theoretical models and simulation codes, such as GEANT4 (v7.0), over-estimated the scattering.The Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) measured the cooling of a muon beam traversing aliquid hydrogen or lithium hydride (LiH) energy absorber as part of a programme to develop muonaccelerator facilities, such as a neutrino factory or a muon collider. The energy loss and MCS that occur inthe absorber material are competing effects that alter the performance of the cooling channel. Thereforemeasurements of MCS are required in order to validate the simulations used to predict the coolingperformance in future accelerator facilities. We report measurements made in the MICE apparatus of MCSusing a LiH absorber and muons within the momentum range 160 to 245 MeV=c. The measured RMSscattering width is about 9% smaller than that predicted by the approximate formula proposed by theParticle Data Group, but within the latter’s stated uncertainty. Data at 172, 200 and 240 MeV=c arecompared to the GEANT4 (v9.6) default scattering model. These measurements show agreement with thismore recent GEANT4 (v9.6) version over the range of incident muon momenta.
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