HiPEDS has an industrially-focused ethos that embeds the support of industry throughout its activities.  One such group is the Advisory Board, which acts as an important mechanism in enabling innovation by building on the strong relationships between HiPEDS, industrial parners and students in an advisory capacity.

The Advisory Board serves to:

  • Share industrialists views and interests with the Centre
  • Advise and support HiPEDS in enhancing the provision for the doctoral and post-doc community
  • Champion the vision of HiPEDS and promote external visibility 

Philip LeongChair: Philip Leong

Philip is currently Professor of Computer Systems in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney, Visiting Professor at Imperial College and the Chief Technology Advisor to Cluster Technology.


The Advisory Board is comprised of industrial partners, some of whom have graduated from the HiPEDS programme.  They meet annually to provide support and advice on the various HiPEDS activities and initiatives.

The 2021 meeting of the Advisory Board involved:

Dr Kubilay Atasu – Research, IBM Research

Dr Daniel Berger - AI/ML Technical Specialist, Siemens

Mr Rod Burns – VP Ecosystem, Codeplay

Dr Thomas Chau – Senior Research Engineer in Machine Learning, Samsung

Dr Paolo Costa – Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Dr Robert Deaves – Systems Architect, Dyson

Dr Mehdi Goli – Principal Software Engineer, Codeplay

Dr Andrea Kells – Director, Research EcoSystem, Arm

Dr Ira Ktena - Research Engineer, DeepMind

Dr Joshua Levine – Engineer, Intel

Dr Cathal McCabe - University Program Manager EMEA, Xlink

Dr Alex Oliver - EPSRC Portfolio Manager (Information & Communication Technologies), UKRI

Dr Duncan Russell - Head of External Collaborations, Ocado Technology