How do I withdraw from a module?

If you have changed your mind about taking your Imperial Horizons module, you may withdraw by completing the form below*. You are encouraged to do so before the start of the module, or within the first two weeks of the term, if possible. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - There are some restrictions on withdrawals. Please read the notes below carefully before completing the form. 

I-Explore students are not permitted to withdraw from their allocated module unless they will not be in College in the Academic Year stated, or are repeating a year and are therefore no longer eligible for the Horizons module allocated. I-Explore students should not complete the withdrawal form. Any queries about I-Explore modules should be directed to

If you are experiencing any problems with the module, or have any concerns, please contact your lecturer, the appropriate coordinator for your field of study, or the Imperial Horizons administrator.

Degree Credit students, please consult your department and ensure that you still have enough ECTS to complete the year before withdrawing. 

Year Abroad students, please ensure that you have made your department aware of your decision to withdraw, and confirm that this will not adversely affect your year abroad placement before withdrawing. 

If you are withdrawing with a view to repeating the same module in a future year, please note the repeat regulations which can be found under 'Can I repeat an Imperial Horizons module?' in the FAQs.

Complete the online Withdrawal Request Form

Please note that if you are an Extra Credit student withdrawing from a two-term module after mid-February, you are already 75% of the way through the module. If you choose to continue, but fail the module, this will not be recorded on your Academic Transcript.