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Degree credit module options by departmentAssessment guidelines

Imperial Horizons Japanese Modules are offered at a range of levels from complete beginner to advanced. 

Our interactive classes follow a communicative approach and cover speaking, reading, writing and listening. Teaching includes pair work as well as group work and the use of multimedia materials in class as well as on our e-learning platform (Blackboard). All our modules are designed to be standalone but will also prepare students who wish to take their language study further.

Students should be aware that learning a language takes time and commitment. You will need to put aside a minimum of 3 hours a week for home study if you wish to succeed.

The table below provides guidelines about our module levels and which year group they are offered to.

Please read the online module descriptions carefully and if you are in any doubt about which level you should be in, please contact the Japanese Coordinator for advice and/or to arrange a level consultation in-person or online. 

Please note that students wishing to study Japanese are required to take a placement test at the start of the autumn term to ensure that they are eligible for the level for which they have applied,  unless they are complete beginners or have already taken the previous level.

CoursePre-requisiteOffered to ECTS
Japanese Level 1
For complete beginners - no previous experience All years~ 7.5
Japanese Level 2 For post GCSE, students who have completed Level 1 or equivalent  All years 7.5
Japanese Level 3 For post AS-level, students who have completed Level 2 or equivalent.
French Baccalaureate (3rd Language); International Baccalaureate (Ab-Initio)
You should be able to write approximately 100 Kanji characters
2nd, 3rd & 4th Years 7.5
Japanese Level 4 For post A-level, students who have completed Level 3 or equivalent.
French Baccalaureate (2nd language); International Baccalaureate (standard)
You should be able to write approximately 200 Kanji characters
3rd & 4th Years only 7.5
Japanese Level 5 For students who have completed Level 4 or equivalent
You should be able to write approximately 300 Kanji characters
3rd & 4th Years only 7.5
 NB These modules are not intended for native speakers. If you are of native or near-native speaker ability, please contact the Japanese Coordinator to confirm if you are eligible for one of these modules.
Summary of the table's contents

All Japanese modules are available to be taken for degree credit where your department allows. They are also available for extra-credit. For further clarification of the credit terminology and the options allowed by your department, please see Taking a module for credit.

~Please note that Level 1 can not be taken by I-Explore students and can only be taken for Extra Credit by 3rd & 4th Year Undergraduates. 

Imperial Horizons modules listed in our literature and on the website are those that the Centre is currently offering in the academic year listed. Modules run subject to sufficient demand and resources. The College reserves the right to cap numbers and change or discontinue modules.