Imperial Horizons modules fall into four credit categories:

Degree Credit
Many departments will allow you to take an Imperial Horizons module for 'degree credit', instead of taking one of your departmental options, at some point during your time as an undergraduate. These modules are often referred to as ancillaries or electives. Your department will specify which Imperial Horizons modules you can take for degree credit and in which year of study. Two-term modules are worth 5 or 7.5 ECTS points and your final mark will appear on your transcript. Please note that you may be required to pass your Imperial Horizons module to pass your year.

Please see Module options by department, for more information about what is permitted by your home department. 

Undergraduate students who started in academic year 2019/20 onwards will choose a for-credit module from I-Explore’s wide selection. Imperial Horizons is one of the streams from which I-Explore students can choose their I-Explore module. Depending on your department, you will take your I-Explore module in either your second or third year of study at Imperial. You are required to take and fully attempt all components of your chosen I-Explore module.

As I-Explore modules are a compulsory part of your undergraduate curriculum, you must pass your module to gain enough credits to pass the year. You get a numerical mark that will go on your transcript although this numerical mark will not be included in the calculation of your final degree result. 

For more information about I-Explore, please the I-Explore webpages.

Extra Credit
If you do not take your two-term Imperial Horizons module for 'degree credit' or as part of I-Explore, the ECTS will be awarded as 'extra credit' on successful completion of the module. 'Pass', 'Merit' or 'Distinction' will appear on your transcript. 'Fails' or withdrawals will not be recorded for extra-credit students.

Non Credit
1st year undergraduates are offered a selection of 8-week modules which can be taken in the autumn or spring terms. These 8-week modules are available to study for non credit only. No ECTS points will be awarded. 'Pass', 'Merit' or 'Distinction' will appear on your transcript. 'Fails' or withdrawals will not be recorded for non-credit students.

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