Tackling many of the most pressing issues of this century requires an understanding of people and how they fit within the broader sociotechnical systems in which they live and work. The Human Behaviour and Experience (HuBEx) Network of excellence brings together leading academics from throughout Imperial who focus on people to foster an active forum to further frontier research. Our members come from diverse disciplines and all faculties across the College but all convene around an interest in better understanding human behaviour and experience and creating solutions that incorporate this understanding to address global challenges. We also have an offshoot called HuBE:XR focusing on research on extended reality (i.e., VR, AR, and MR) in particular.

The network seeks to raise the profile of the human-centric research expertise at Imperial College. Members of the network engage in regular events and benefit from a broader community of complementary researchers, a platform to showcase research, and a growing pool of teaching and research resources. If you are interested in joining the network please email hubex@imperial.ac.uk.