Calls for proposals are open for network membershipkick-start grantstravel grantsindustrial engagement funding and grant submission endorsements.

  • Network membership proposal (open) Network membership will ensure inclusion on the mailing list for all information related to grants and meetings held by the network. It will be granted to all those at a UK institution having a background and track record relevant to the topic area of the network. You can apply to become a member of the network by submitting a 1-page proposal which includes your name and contact details, your UK affiliation, job title and a short description about your current research and how your current activities align with the Objectives and Activities of the Network. Please also indicate at least one HLC topic which is most relevant to your research (for examples of current topics see the 'topic' columns in Objectives and Management). Please see below for instruction on how to submit a membership proposal.

  • Funding and endorsement proposals (open) For general information about kick-start grantstravel grants, industrial engagement funding and grant submission endorsements please see the page on Network Objectives and Activities. Please see below for detailed instructions: 
  1. instructions for kick-start grant proposals (last updated on 15 Feb 2019). 
  2. instructions for travel grant proposals (last updated on 15 Feb 2019).
  3. instructions for industrial engagement funding proposals (last updated on 15 Feb 2019).
  4. instructions for Innovate UK grant submission endorsement proposals (last updated on 15 Feb 2019).
  5. instructions for EPSRC grant submission endorsement proposals (last updated on 15 Feb 2019).

Instructions for submitting a proposal

All submissions are via the EasyChair page for HLC 2019 Call for Proposals.

  • Your submission title should include "Proposal for X: ...", where X is either network membership, kick-start grants, travel grants, industrial engagement funding, Innovate UK or EPSRC grant submission endorsement. You can submit more than one type of proposal.
  • In the box for "Keywords", please include HLC topics which are most relevant to your proposal (for examples of current topics see the 'topic' columns in Objectives and Management).
  • All submissions should be in single column format and use 11-point fonts for the main text. We strongly encourage using EPSRC proposal styles: "all (PDF) attachments must be completed in single-spaced typescript in Arial 11 or other sans serif typeface of equivalent size, with margins of at least 2cm Arial narrow and Calibri are not allowable font types. Text in embedded diagrams or pictures, numerical formulae or references can be smaller, as long as it is legible. Text in tables and figure labels not within embedded diagrams or pictures should be at least 11 point."
  • Please note the page limit for different proposals: i.e. network membership (max 1 page), kick-start grants (max 3 pages), travel grants (max 2 pages), industrial engagement funding (max 2 pages)