Head of Department/senior manager preparation

Head of Department/senior managers should consider their operational, research and teaching requirements, including the needs of stakeholders and service users (including academic and research activities).

Head of Department/senior manager to set parameters for specific roles or job families including hours of operation, cover for each day of the week when a role is user-facing and requires in-person cover, and anchor days which will inform and guide discussions with their staff and teams. 

Team meetings

Head of Department/senior managers/local managers, as appropriate, arrange team meeting to discuss and consider how the team can deliver the service within the parameters set, e.g.

  • Who are our users and how do they like to access our services?
  • Who do you support and how do they like to receive support?
  • Consider what cover is required, when and how this will be provided?
  • What working arrangements suit the team best and why?
  • Are there aspects of any of the roles that can be better delivered remotely?
  • Consider the wider impact on the team and the value of working together in a shared space.

Individual meetings (if needed)

Team members to consider previous, current and future working location and patterns ahead of individual meeting, if needed.

Informal meetings to discuss departmental needs and individual preferences and concerns:

  • Are there any disabilities, adjustments, or individual circumstances that your manager needs to be aware of?
  • Would you like to return to your previous work pattern or a new work pattern?
  • Discuss any other factors/concerns.

Review of team preferences

Head of Department/senior manager reviews all team preferences and considers what can be accommodated within parameters set.

If accommodated

Confirm new arrangements by email from the start of the 2022-23 academic year until early 2023. This will be kept under review and is subject to continued delivery of the individual and the team’s responsibilities and objectives and/or any necessary changes due to structural or process changes. If at any time the manager is not satisfied about the way in which the agreed work location is working in practice, they may invite the individual to a further conversation to discuss their work location, which could result in the manager determining that the minimum percentage needs to be increased, including up to 100% of the normal contractual hours.   

If not accommodated

Explain reason for decision. If member of staff does not accept proposed work location arrangements, a further meeting may be required in consultation with the Head of Department/senior manager who will ultimately determine the work location. 

If staff member does not accept the work location proposal

Eligible staff may submit a statutory flexible working request. Whilst awaiting outcome of a flexible working request the staff member will be expected to work in line with their original contract of employment.