POD (People and Organisational Development)

People and Organisational Development can support staff and managers with the implementation of the Work Location Framework by offering micro-coaching for managers and micro-development sessions for staff.  In addition, they have a web page with resources to support ‘Setting yourself up for success in a hybrid environment

Micro-Coaching for Managers

Micro-coaching sessions are designed for managers to meet them at their point of need.

Micro-coaching is a confidential and voluntary process.
It is a 1:1 20 minutes easily bookable session that helps managers think through their options concerning a range of situations they and/or their teams may be facing.. For example, this may include concerns about hybrid working and returning to campus. This could involve exploring the manager’s questions and concerns on how to respond to staff queries and/or how to support individuals or their team.

Micro-development sessions

Micro-development sessions are short, targeted coaching conversations offered to all staff at the College to explore queries and options related to their development. It is also an opportunity to help prepare staff for conversations with their manager related to different situations. This could include support for conversations about work location.  

If you are a Manager this session could support your own, or your staff’s learning and development.

Additional support and guidance can be found below: