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Update on industrial and strike action - autumn/winter 2022

Members of the UCU and Unite branches at Imperial rach independently overwhelmingly voted to take strike action in response to the ongoing pay dispute with College - a 3.3% pay rise in the face of a 10%+ cost of living crisis.

These votes closed in late October 2022 and are valid until April 2023.

Members of UCU and Unite both took part in strike action at the end of November, with UCU members also participating in Action Short of a Strike (ASOS) until Monday 17 April 2023.  While Unison members weren't able to officially join the strike action, members did join in solidarity by providing refreshments and support.

The next strike date is Monday 23 January. 

Visit the different branch pages for specific details and updates about industrial action. 

Download the pay dispute leaflet and slide deck for more information.