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More than a building

We believe the best innovation comes from the co-location and collaboration of like-minded people.

I-HUB is located at the heart of one of London’s fastest growing ecosystems: a unique blend of world-leading researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators, all working together in the White City Innovation District.

I-HUB Services

Access to Academics

Connect to Imperial Academics, Research and Technology

Imperial’s Enterprise Division will help you tap into its ecosystem by scoping your business challenges and equipping you for the future.

At Imperial College London, we have enterprise in our DNA. We offer opportunities to access the expertise of our academics, the talent of our students, our high-tech resources and spaces on our campuses. Together, we can achieve great things in a rapidly changing world.

Connect with Imperial Enterprise for access of expert consultants from the academic community, high-tech facilities, challenge-led research centres, and their specialist commercialisation services.


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Access to Talent

How do you attract and retain talent?

I-HUB comes with a fun and vibrant ecosystem which will help you with recruitment and retention. It also provides a series of initiatives and services that channel Imperial College London talent your way.

Recruit talent from Imperial College London

We can connect you to the College’s Careers Service to engage over 20,000 students. Imperial College London focuses on the four main disciplines of science, engineering, medicine and business and is renowned for its application of these skills to industry and enterprise. 

Build your company profile to attract talent

We can help build your company profile amongst Imperial College London students by getting you involved in networking events, delivering workshops and presentations, and joining industry panel discussions.

Engage students through projects & placements

We can help you access additional resources by engaging students for industry projects and placements. This opportunity comes at low or zero cost and risk, and builds your talent pipeline ahead of students graduating.

Exhibit at our annual Careers Fair

We can offer you a stand at our flagship Careers Fair, which brings hundreds of Imperial College London postgraduate students to your doorstep.
Many of our members have successfully hired from this event.


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Sodrul Hussain | Growth and Partnerships Manager |

Access to Equipment

Being part of Imperial College London’s White City Campus means you can access incredible facilities and equipment in the area, as well as connect with the right academics who will help you maximise the opportunity.


Create in days what would have taken months without Hackspace.

Not only can you access great prototyping equipment,
but you can also get help from our expert technicians on how to optimise your ideas. 

Agilent Suite, MSRH

I-HUB members are welcome to collaborate with MSRH, home to the Imperial College London Chemistry Department, and use the Agilent Suite to progress their research.

Monthly drop-in sessions are available to help you explore opportunities.

The Royce Institute

The Royce Institute, based in the Sir Michael Uren Hub, carries out all stages of Thin Film Device development.

State of the art equipment is available, including: a thin film deposition suite, patterning and milling, testing and characterisation and SPIN-lab.

Hammersmith Hospital

Hammersmith Hospital is a part of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and is also connected to the Medical Research Council (MRC) and hosts the NIHR Imperial Clinical Research Facility.

Facilities include: microscopy, genomics, microscopy, MR, proteomics & metabolomics, transgenics & embryonic stem cells, whole animal physiology and imaging (WAPI).


Visit Imperial College Enterprise Hackspace pages 

Find out more about the Agilent Suite

Visit The Royce Institute pages

Find out more about Hammersmith Hospital

Access to Peers and Suppliers

Collaborate with companies in I-HUB and Scale Space

The I-HUB and Scale Space Member Directory has been created to encourage peer connections.

Pick up your copy from Reception and discover details of all the companies based in your building and in Scale Space, what they do and how you can collaborate with them.

Connect to tried & tested Service Partners

I-HUB members can save time and effort by accessing our curated list of proven providers – we’ve done the work to make sure they are the right kind of organisations to help you.

From brand agencies to lab suppliers, our list of useful contacts is bound to make your searches easier.

Be part of the White City Innovation District (WCID)

Some of the world’s most innovative organisations are right here in White City and we can help you to widen your network and build new connections with them.

I-HUB members are welcome to attend WCID events or to let us know of any news that we can amplify via the WCID social channels and Newsletter.


Visit the Scale Space website [External]

Visit the White City Innovation District website [External] 

Access to Events and Community

Community & Socials

Accidental collisions that spark collaboration can happen everywhere! Some of them happen at our famous parties.

We organise several big socials every year to ensure our community can let its hair down and connect.

Ale Space, our members’ local pub is open every Thursday at Scale Space. 

Peer Groups

Learning from peers is one of the best ways to grow and find solutions more quickly.

We run several events by job function and encourage I-HUB members to join the groups in order to share their knowledge with each other.

From HR to Lab Operators, we can connect you and your team with a useful and relevant peer community.

Learning Opportunities

The I-HUB community is at the centre of an intense and varied learning program spanning workshops, lunch & learn sessions, and external speaker events.

Our popular Lunch & Learn sessions are free to attend and span across topics such as Diversity, Nutrition, Personal Finance and more!

Event Spaces

From conferences to townhalls, from inspiring meeting rooms to spacious entertainment areas, our members can book various event spaces in the I-HUB and adjacent buildings.

Host your socials in the fun indoor and outdoor spaces at Scale Space or announce your scientific breakthrough in the auditorium in the Sir Michael Uren Hub.

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Peter Beard | Commercial Manager |
Sodrul Hussain | Growth and Partnerships Manager |
Amy Bush | Community Manager |