A key feature of IConIC is the inclusion of six other industrial partners to bring complementary expertise across all the required disciplines and key competencies, as well as their track records in successful scientific partnership with Academia (including ICL), and tangible resources to deliver values to the Partnership.

Our Partners involvement is valuable, in providing unique and highly complementary expertise in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (Almac), process analytics (Mettler Toledo Autochem), hazardous chemistry and pharmaceutical scaleup (Sterling Pharma), process modelling (Siemens-PSE).  Although not an Industry, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) will be involved with placements and supporting R&D.

All the partners of IConIC are committed to translate the UK’s scientific leadership in Flow Chemistry into industrial leadership and commercial value; by accomplishing a step change in the implementation of continuous flow processes, and to transform the manufacture of high-value chemicals in a sustainable way. In the medium to long term, the Prosperity Partnership will be expanded to include additional academic and industrial partners at the appropriate junctures, to leverage synergistic values for IConIC. 

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