course attendee"This course was an excellent introduction to metabonomic data analysis. I had not worked with metabonomics data before and an important component of my PhD thesis was to analyze human urine NMR data. This course got me off the ground and put me in touch with helpful people so that now I am able to work with my data. There was a good balance between theoretical content and practice tutorials, where we could immediately apply what we had just learned. The instructor to participant ratio was generous and the instructors themselves were knowledgeable, clear, very flexible and patient, and as a result, the tutorials were well-paced, without anyone being left behind. The course coordinators and assistants were also incredibly helpful and could quickly troubleshoot impediments (such as mal-functioning personal lap-tops)." 

Gordana Panic, Hands-on Data Analysis for Metabolic Profiling course attendee 

 "In my opinion the quality of the given lectures in terms of the content and the way the topics were presented by the lecturers was extraordinary. The participants were provided with a detailed overview of an entire metabolomics workflow starting from sample preparation to statistical evaluation of received data.  The slides were designed very clearly while being very informative and detailed.  The lecturers took the time to answer every question which came up during the course and were also available for questions outside of the course week. 

The Imperial International Phenome Training Centre provides the attendees of course with excellent technical equipment including state-of-the-art mass spectrometers perfectly suited for untargeted and targeted metabolomics.  The instructors gave the participants a very detailed introduction to sample preparation [and] the instruments, as well as the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the instruments. As well as the lecturers the instructors took their time to answer every question and provided the attendants with their personal experience as well as tips and tricks, which turned out to especially useful while carring out my own experiments back at my university. The hands-on part of the course was designed by instructors in a way that every attendee had the time to work with the instruments. 

LC-MSAmoung the most valuable things for me I learned during the course have been the HPLC gradient development for targeted and untargeted metabolomics, as well as the statistical evaluation of the data and the metabolite identification. 

The course was highly relevant for my current career. I am a PhD student in a chemical biology laboratory and my main project is the development of a metabolomics platform to investigate the influcence of cytotoxic agents and antibiotics on cancer cells or bacteria respectively. Being the only person focusing on metabolomics in our group the knowledge provided by the course as well as the tips and tricks provided by the instructors and lectures was very useful for the design of my future projects."

Volker Kirsch, Hands-on LC-MS for Metabolic Profiling course attendee

"I am a Pediatric Endocrinologist, and I have had a longstanding interest in the pathogenesis and predictors of progression to T2D in children. Now I am exploring the use of non-targeted metabolic profiling for metabolic assessment of diabetes risk in children.

I attended “Metabolic Phenotyping in Disease Diagnosis and Personalised Health Care” short course in June 2016. This well-organized, condense course provided a great overview of metabolic profiling methods and applications over a short period of time, and worked as a “jump-start” for me.  The course content covered all the bases to build up future knowledge and specialize in a specific area of interest. I had the opportunity to network with researchers from different fields and meet experts from metabolic profiling field. I would highly recommend this course to clinician scientists who are early in their career development and who are planning to use/or using “Metabolomics” to answer their research question."

Pinar Gumus Balikcioglu, Metabolic Phenotyping in Disease Diagnosis and Personalised Health Care course attendee

"For me this course was an excellent starting point for metabonomics. I’m a structural biologist by training and used NMR spectroscopy mainly to study structure, dynamics and interactions of biomolecules. A year before the course I started setting up NMR-based metabonomics in my group in order to translate our research findings to the clinic. I had worked with metabonomics data before and was very keen to learn more about setting up studies and data analysis. This course has surpassed my expectations and provided me exactly the training I was missing before. I liked the perfect integration and combination of theory and practical work. The instructors were excellent in all respects. Presentations and tutorials were very clear and provided all relevant information, scripts, and datasets. Even after the course they were quickly responding to questions I had, what I very much appreciated. Thank you for the great course! "

Tobias Madl, Hands-on NMR Spectroscopy for Metabolic Profiling course attendee