lab work Imperial’s Industrial Biotechnology (IB) Hub is a multidisciplinary research network that facilitates collaboration, creativity and idea generation across Imperial and with external academic and industry partners. The IB Hub aims to strengthen funding applications and promote innovative solutions to industrial biotechnology problems and publicise our work in this area.

Our research

The research within the IB Hub aims to address major science challenges in climate, environment, energy, water and chemical research.  Research activity occurs across the Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Medicine and ranges from underpinning basic sciences and engineering (including chemical biology, systems biology, catalysis and synthesis, flow chemistry) through underpinning technologies (including synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and biocatalysis) to application areas (including bioprocessing, and biorenewables). Imperial’s research strengths lie in the breadth of our activity and our expertise in combining research in the life sciences and physical sciences with chemical and process systems engineering, whilst supporting application of tools and technologies.

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Aims of the IB Hub

Specific aims of the IB Hub are to: 

  • Facilitate multidisciplinary research by encouraging collaboration and application of technologies and provide a structure for development of collaborative research funding proposals;
  • Provide a community and forum for events, via a website and seminars to exchange information, including funding applications, and sharing of  best practice;
  • Increase and diversify our research funding in this area;
  • Investigate opportunities for training;
  • Facilitate engagement with industry to promote translation;
  • Encourage collaboration with other HEIs and sponsored institutes;
  • Raise awareness of our IB research activity to external stakeholders and support delivery of our funders industrial biotechnology strategies;
  • Advise on how to implement Imperial’s strategy in this area, including supporting targeted recruitment and consideration of facilities.