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For general enquiries, please contact us via email at

Who we are

The Department of Infectious Disease has recently formed a Research Committee, who will support the Executive Board with the development and delivery of the Department’s research strategy.

The Research Committee has representatives from each Section:

  • Professor José Penades – Director of the MRC Centre for Molecular Biology & Infection, Section of Molecular Microbiology (Chair)
  • Dr Myrsini Kaforou – Advanced Research Fellow, Section of Paediatric Infectious Disease
  • Professor Xiaodong Zhang - Professor of Macromolecular Structure and Function, Section of Structural and Synthetic Biology
  • Professor Paul Kellam – Professor of Virus Genomics, Section of Immunology of Infection: 
  • Professor Graham Cooke – NIHR Research Professor of Infectious Diseases and Deputy Head of Department, Section of Virology
  • Professor Francis Drobniewski - Professor of Global Health and Tuberculosis, Section of Adult Infectious Disease
  • Supported by the department's Research Manager (currently vacant) Faculty of Medicine (Secretariat)

How we can help

  • Want to discuss grant application strategies?
  • Thinking of applying for a Fellowship?
  • Had some feedback on a grant application that you’d like to discuss?
  • Like some independent feedback on a research proposal?
  • Have a different question for the Research Committee?

Drop us an email at

If you would like help with any of the following, please contact for interim support until the Research Manager vanacy is filled:

  • Advice on funding schemes
  • Help planning a grant application
  • Help to identify internal resources/support in preparing a grant application
  • Review of non-scientific sections of grant applications (e.g. lay summary, data management plans, impact statements)
  • Obtaining Head of Department (HoD) approval of applications, or letters of support / supporting statements from the HoD
  • Arranging mock interviews for grant applications