• Deniz Gunduz gave an online invited seminar on Distributed Machine Learning over Wireless Channels at the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST)  at ShanghaiTech University, 19 November 2021
  • Prof. Gunduz and Mahdi Boloursaz Mashhadi organised a special session on "Machine Learning for Communications'' at the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA, Nov. 2021. 

  • One World Signal Processing Seminar - Beyond Transmitting Bits: Semantic and Goal-Oriented Communications

11 October 2021

Deniz Gunduz gave a talk as part of the One World Signal processing Seminar series, showcasing some of IPC Lab's current research trends, namely semantic and goal-oriented communications. You can watch the recorded talk below.

  • Prof. Gunduz gave an invited talk titled "Beyond Transmitting Bits: Semantic and Goal-Oriented Communications" at the 2021 Huawei Strategy and Technology Workshop.

15 October 2021

  • Imperial.Tech.Pitch - Deep Learning Aided Wireless Video Transmission

6 October 2021

Deniz Gunduz gave a pitch at this event focusing on innovation in engineering with AI and machine learning. The title of the pitch was "Deep Learning Aided Wireless Video Transmission" and looked at the use of deep joint source-channel coding to combat channel quality-dependent performance of end-to-end video transmission over a range of communication channels.

  • Welcome to new PhD students Szymon Kobus, Selim Firat Yilmaz, Yassine Hamdi and Vivian Papadopoulou

  • SPAWC 2021 - Tutorial on Wireless Federated Learning
    27 September 2021

    Deniz Gunduz gave a tutorial on "Wireless Federated Learning" together with Wojciech Samek (Fraunhofer) at the 2021 SPAWC Virtual Workshop.
  • Welcome to our new PhD students Haotian Wu and Marcello Bullo

  • Deniz Gunduz gave an invite lecture titled "Semantic and Goal-Oriented Communications: Information Theoretic Foundations and Applications to Machine Learning,'' at the East Asian School of Information Theory (EASIT), Seoul, South Korea.

August 2021

  • Oxford ML School - Lecture

20 August 2021

Professor Deniz Gunduz gave a lecture on Machine Learning Over Wireless Networks at Oxford Machine Learning Summer School (OxML 2021), which is organised by AI for Global Goals and in partnership with CIFAR and the University of Oxford's Deep Medicine Program.

  • Oxford ML School - Unconference Presentation

    20 August 2021

    Tze-Yang Tung, Mikolaj Jankowski, Burak Hasircioglu, Waleed El-Geresy, and Ecenaz Erdemir gave a talk titled Novel Information-Theoretic Views on Machine Learning at Oxford Machine Learning Summer School (OxML 2021). You can watch the talk here.

  • Congratulations Szymon

    July 2021

    Congratulations to Szymon Kobus for receiving the degree of Master of Engineering with First Class Honours in Electronic and Information Engineering, 2021 Henry Ford II Scholar Award in Electrical Engineering, and 2021 Governors' MEng Prize in Electronic and Information Engineering!
  • Prof. Gunduz gave an invited lecture on "Distributed machine learning over wireless channels,'' at the 5G Academy, Italy, Jul 2021.

  • Prof. Gunduz and former group member David Burth-Kurka organised a special session on "Machine Learning for Communications'' at the IEEE Statistical Signal Processing (SSP) Workshop, Virtual (Brazil), Jul. 2021.

  • Prof. Gunduz gave a keynote talk titled "Machine learning at the wireless network edge,'' at the Workshop on Wireless Networking Innovations for Mobile Edge Learning, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Communications (ICC), Jun. 2021.

  • 2021 Ivor Tupper Prize


Congratulations to Ezgi Ozyilkan for winning the 2021 Ivor Tupper Prize for excellence in signal processing, broadcast and video technology, for her MEng project Deep Stereo Image Compression with Decoder Side Information using Wyner Common Information, supervised by Prof. Deniz Gunduz and Dr. Nitish Mital!

  • ICICS-CAIDA Best Poster Prize


    Congratulations to Ecenaz Erdemir for winning 3rd place in the ICICS-CAIDA Best Poster Prize competition at the North American School of Information Theory (NASIT 2021) with her poster titled Active Privacy-utility Trade-off Against a Hypothesis Testing Adversary!

  • LSIT 2021

19-21 May 2021

The sixth London Symposium on Information Theory (LSIT) was held on 19-21 May 2021 as a fully virtual event. This was a three-day event, with the first day devoted to Information-Theoretic Foundations of Learning Algorithms, the second day dedicated to Information-Theoretic Security and Privacy and the last day dedicated to Information-Theoretic Methods in Distributed Learning.

For more information see the event program and register via the event page. Thank you to all attendees from around the world! 

  • Prof. Gunduz gave a keynote talk titled "Energy efficient machine learning in the air'' at the Workshop on Energy Efficiency Schemes for Beyond 5G, organised within the Vehicular TechConf.: VTC2021-Spring.

Apr. 2021.   

  • IPC Lab Wins 3rd Place at ITU AI/ML Challenge

    Congratulations to our team from 
    IPC LAB for winning the 3rd award in the ITU AI/ML in 5G challenge competing against 911 teams. Well done!

IPC Lab Gain Place in ITU AI/ML 5G Challenge Grand Finale

Congratulations to both IPC LAB teams to make it to the Grand Finale in the ITU AI/ML in 5G challenge. Team rankings can be found here.
Team1: "Imperial_IPC1", Members: Mahdi Boloursaz Mashhadi, Mikolaj Jankowski, Tze-Yang Tung, Szymon Kobus, Challenge: "ML5G-PHY Beam-Selection"
Team2: "I******L diagnostics", Members: Mohammad Malekzadeh, Burak Hasircioglu, Nitish Mital, Mehmet Emre Ozfatura, Kunal Katarya, Challenge: "Privacy Preserving AI/ML in 5G networks for healthcare applications" 

  • Prof. Gunduz gave a Keynote speech, "Energy efficient communication and learning at the edge,'' at the Workshop on Energy Efficiency Schemes for Beyond 5G, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Mar. 2021.   

  • Deniz Gunduz gave a tutorial titled "Distributed Deep Learning: Concepts, Methods and Applications in Wireless Networks" (with Wojciech Samek) at the IEEE Global Communication Conference (GLOBECOM).
December 2020

  • Prof. Gunduz gave an invited Expert-to-Non-Expert (ETON) talk, titled "Distributed Machine Learning: A Communications Perspective," at the IEEE Int'l Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Barcelona, Spain, May 2020.

  • Best PhD Thesis and Master's Thesis Awards - IEEE Information Theory Chapter

    Congratulations to IPC-Lab alumnus Mohammad Mohammadi Amiri and to IPC-Lab member Waleed El-Geresy for winning awards given by the IEEE Information Theory Chapter of UK and Ireland.

    Mohammad was awarded the 2019 Best PhD Thesis award for his thesis “Wireless coded caching and computing” and Waleed was awarded the 2019 Best Master's Thesis for his master's thesis "Deep Learning based Analogue Data Storage on Memristors". Well done both!

  • Outstanding PhD Thesis Award - Eryl Cadwallader Davies

    Congratulations to IPC-Lab alumnus Mohammad Mohammadi Amiri for receiving the Eryl Cadwallader Davies Outstanding PhD Thesis Award of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London.
    His PhD thesis titled “Wireless coded caching and computing” can be accessed from the following link:

  • Best Paper Award at IEEE GlobalSIP

    Our paper “Communication without interception: Defense against modulation detection” has received the Best Paper Award at the 2019 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) in Ottawa, Canada.

  • Best Thesis Award - IEEE Information Theory Society

    Congratulations to IPC-Lab alumnus Giulio Giaconi, for receiving the IEEE Information Theory Society UK and Ireland Chapter Best PhD Thesis Award in 2018.
    His thesis is titled “Information-theoretic privacy in smart meters”, and can be accessed at:

  • Call for Papers - IEEE JSAC Special Issue on Machine Learning in Wireless Communication

    Consider submitting your high-quality research results involving applications of machine learning techniques to wireless communication systems. Deadline is December 15th, 2018 (No extensions!)