The Centre has three main research themes and seven current focus areas that span the themes. The three research themes are: Trauma across life span; Trauma across mechanism; and Trauma across the world. Each theme is closely linked with others, and expertise is shared across the themes under the one vision of the Centre. The themes are interdisciplinary, with clinicians and engineers working together to achieve the Centre's mission. 

Below you can find out a bit about the research in each of the seven focus areas (listed in alphabetical order).

Focus areas: 

Focus area blocks


Novel, tailored treatments, prostheses, and assistive technologies for the geriatric patient, as well as a range of approaches to manage and prevent falls in vulnerable age groups are required and will be investigated as part of this theme.


Sports injuries are issues for both the general public as well as elite athletes. Such injuries can be life changing and end participation in sport and exercise, creating healthcare implications. We develop prevention methods and rehabilitation strategies aimed at management and re-integration to sport.

Transport and Travel

We focus on injury prevention, prophylaxis, protection and reduction of the burden of disease post injury, contributing to these areas through translating knowledge from other trauma areas. We consider different modes of travel and associated injuries.


This is a key collaboration area with the ADVANCE Study and NHS OpRestore. The focus is on the health of those who have served in the Armed Forces, understanding the impact of injuries sustained during service and how quality of life can be improved through treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.