The Institute of Infection draws together researchers across Imperial's four faculties and accelerates translation into policy, commericialisation, and public outreach

At Imperial, world-leading biologists, clinicians, engineers, epidemiologists, and economists are working to transform our understanding of infection and how we treat and manage it. And it is often when these researchers get together to work across disciplines that the most  transformative advances are made, and translate into policy and global benefit.

The Institute of Infection drives such interdisciplinary infection research to address global challenges in infection by:

  • Building communities
  • Empowering scientists to work across different fields
  • Training the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers

Research priorities

We scan the horizon to identify important strategic goals, while also maintaining the agility to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

Areas of current interest that exemplify Imperial's strengths and capabilities and serve as exemplars of interdisciplinary research are:

  • Preparing for the next pandemic
  • Equipping the world with vaccines
  • Tackling infection in a changing planet
  • Developing diagnostics of the future