The Communicators in Residence programme is our novel collaboration between the Institute of Infection and Imperial’s Science Communication Unit. This inaugural multimedia project explores hidden histories and voices and the role of interdisciplinarity in infection research.

Perspectives: Infectious Disease Research

Video exploring scientific and social themes found in research at the institute. The breadth of disciplines is highlighted along with the importance of interdisciplinarity.

Dive into the history, art, and voices of past and present researchers that illustrate the Institute's mission to transform the understanding and control of infection through interdisciplinary science. Within these creative and innovative expressions, discover the ways in which you can contribute to global infectious disease research.

Journey of infectious disease research: Every collaboration matters

Infectious disease research is built on a vibrant history driven by advancements in clinical, biological, physical, and computer science. Explore the ways in which just some discoveries of the past have shaped how we understand and treat infection, especially when traditional boundaries between disciplines were dissolved by collaboration.

A timeline of key events and discoveries in infectious disease research in Clinical and Biological Sciences, Physical and Engineering Sciences and Computer Science and Big Data.

Meet the interdisciplinary team developing smart digital diagnostics for malaria.

Smart digital diagnostics for malaria

Exploring infection through art (slideshow)

The Institute encourages researchers to dissolve the traditional boundaries between disciplines and challenges them to seek new perspectives. The images below use art and digital collage to explore interdisciplinary science. 

Visual narrative of the research pipeline

Exploring the research pipeline - from discovery in the lab to manufacturing innovations to delivery in the clinic, showing the blurred boundaries between the environments.

Visual puzzle connecting trials and tribulations of a researcher with layered interdisciplinarity

A new perspective can lead to novel solutions as well as the self-reflection that accompanies the research process. The layers surrounding the scientist represent the layers informing one another as puzzle pieces might.

Visual drawing inspiration from the looks of laboratory shelves to highlight specific focuses within the field of immunopathology

Playing on the idea of shelves in a laboratory, this explores the larger ecosystem of infection research, using immunopathological research as an example.

Hidden Voices in Infection Research

Meet some of lesser-known researchers who have made major strides in our understanding and treatment of disease. Their names may not be well known, but their discovery and innovation have altered the course of history.

Add your voice

Empty Spotlight to encourage contributions that people will be making in the future to interdisciplinary infection research at Imperial College London

Where will you add your voice to the history of infectious disease research?

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The Institute of Infection's Communicators in Residence are students of Imperial College's MSc in Science Communication. The above Hidden Histories project is the first in this unique collaborative partnership that draws on the diverse skills of the students

Meet the Communicators in Residence

Holly Worrall (she/her)

Holly Worrall

Holly Worrall (she/her)
Team lead and producer of definition video visuals

Anjana Vijay (she/her)

Anjana Vijay

Anjana Vijay (she/her)
Copywriter and SEO optimization

Mayah Pico (she/they)

Mayah Pico

Mayah Pico (she/they)
Art production for immunopathology exploration

Robert Miller (he/him)

Robert Miller

Robert Miller (he/him)
Malaria video director and editor

Olivia Jani (she/her)

Olivia Jani

Olivia Jani (she/her)
Producer of interdisciplinary definition video

Charlie Delilkan (they/them)

Charlie Delilkan

Charlie Delilkan (they/them)
Producer of spotlight section profiles

Clare Baker (she/her)

Clare Baker

Clare Baker (she/her)
Producer of the journey of infectious disease research

Ingrid Espinosa

Ingrid Espinosa

Ingrid Espinosa
Visiting contributor: Illustrations for spotlight section profiles

Contact us

If you would like to hear more about the Hidden Histories project or the Communicators in Residence programme, or if you would like to get in touch with the students, please email