See below for a summary and list of infection-related stories from across College news desks in 2022. These are just the tip of the iceberg of Imperial's contribution to the understanding and management of infectious diseases this year. 

Research Highlights:

  • COVID-19: Continuous insights and advances in the understanding and monitoring of COVID-19 infections and Long Covid, including on the highly infectious omicron variant, and by leveraging the REACT and Human Challenge studies.
  • Fungal science: Establishment of the Fungal Science Network and award of NIHR funding for the IMPRINT study, aimed at combatting four major HIV-associated fungal infections
  • Antimicrobial drug resistance: Basic discovery science, health innovations and new therapeutics
  • Malaria: Fundamental research and diagnostics

Infection-related College news stories in 2022

COVID-19 news stories (2022)

Tracking the spread and impact

Disease insights and risk factors

Vaccines and treatments

Diagnostics, monitoring and preparing


Translation into treatments, policy, and public information (2022)