Researcher: Miss Qinmeng Luan

Supervisor: Dr Jun Jiang


In-depth understanding of the recrystallisation process in alloys is critical for generating desirable small grains and weak textured microstructure, which provides high strength and high toughness to metal formed parts. The manufacturing industry has a high demand for a valid computational model to accurately predict the level of recrystallisation and recrystallised grain size under different strain paths and temperatures. However, current understanding and numerical calculations have not been linked properly to a reliable, physically based model for simulating the deformation and annealing process. Our phase-field model coupled with crystal plasticity finite element (CPFE) simulations, which is based on the theory of stored energy minimization, enables a reliable prediction on the microstructure evolution under different processing routes. We hope that this modelling work provides a solution for the prediction of some long standing microstructure formation problems.