Our remit is to enable, create and support digital education with interdisciplinary services, initiatives and programs. We predominantly work with central departments and teams, global challenge institutes, and teams critical to the student experience on a range of learning experiences and solutions.  

We take a pedagogy-first and learner-centred approach, working across multiple digital education platforms to deliver successful projects.

Pillars guiding our work in the Interdisciplinary Ed Tech Lab are:

IETL Pillars

Sustainable Digital Education

Education Futures

Lifelong Learning

Where we sit

Our Key Stakeholders

  • Academic Services
  • Global Challenges Institutes
  • Centre for Language, Culture and Communication
  • Graduate School
  • Centre for Academic English
  • Library
  • Centre for Continuing Professional Development

This list certainly isn't exhaustive. If you feel you have an interdisplinary education project, initiave or idea, please get in touch.

Four people holding large puzzle pieces

Imperial's EdTech Ecosystem

  • IETL is 1 of 5 EdTech Labs, including:
    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    • Faculty of Engineering 
    • Business School
  • Equitable, shared access to Digital Media Lab.
  • Key committees and groups:
    • EdTech Community Forum
    • Imperial College Learning Analytics (ICLA)
    • Teaching & Learning Product Board, including sub-groups:
      • Data Analytics, Evaluation and Monitoring
      • Digital Tools
      • Training & Development
      • Digital Assessment
      • Audio Visual and Physical Infrastructure