Ion trappers worldwide - List of ion trappers research group around the world.

Click the links below to view our collaborators within and outside of UK, and also to learn more about ion trapping. 



UK Ion trap groups:

Oxford University Ion Trap Quantum Computing Group. Supervisors: David Lucas, Andrew Steane.

University of Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group. Supervisor: Winfried Hensinger.

University of Sussex Ion Trap Cavity-QED. Supervisor: Matthias Keller.

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Quantum Detection - Ion Traps. Supervisor: Patrick Gill. 


Collaborators elsewhere

TU Darmstadt 'Atoms - Photons - Quanta'. Supervisor: Gerhard Birkl.

TU Darmstadt AG Nörtershäuser. Supervisor: Wilfried Nörtershäuser.

SPECTRAP collaboration. GSI Darmstadt.