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AB - We report the laser cooling of a single ^{40}Ca^{+} ion in a Penning trap to the motional ground state in one dimension. Cooling is performed in the strong binding limit on the 729-nm electric quadrupole S_{1/2}↔D_{5/2} transition, broadened by a quench laser coupling the D_{5/2} and P_{3/2} levels. We find the final ground-state occupation to be 98(1)%. We measure the heating rate of the trap to be very low with n[over ¯][over ]≈0.3(2)  s^{-1} for trap frequencies from 150-400 kHz, consistent with the large ion-electrode distance.
AU - Goodwin,JF
AU - Stutter,G
AU - Thompson,RC
AU - Segal,DM
DO - 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.143002
PY - 2016///
SN - 1079-7114
TI - Resolved-sideband laser cooling in a penning trap
T2 - Physical Review Letters
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VL - 116
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