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AB - We report on the evaluation of the performance of self-guiding over extended distances with $f/20$ and $f/40$ focussing geometries. Guiding over $39\,\mathrm{mm}$ or more than 100 Rayleigh ranges was observed with the $f/20$ optic at ${n}_{e}=1.5\times {10}^{18}\,{\mathrm{cm}}^{-3}$. Analysis of guiding performance found that the extent of the exiting laser spatial mode closely followed the matched spot size predicted by 3D nonlinear theory. Self-guiding with an $f/40$ optic was also characterised, with guided modes observed for a plasma length of $90\,\mathrm{mm}$ and a plasma density of ${n}_{e}=9.5\times {10}^{17}\,{\mathrm{cm}}^{-3}$. This corresponds to self-guided propagation over 53 Rayleigh ranges and is similar to distances obtained with discharge plasma channel guiding.
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