Doctoral Students (PhD)
NameThesis TitleYear Awarded
 Dr. Steven P. C. Sim  An integrated chip-based for droplet-flow polymerase chain reaction  2016
 Dr. Thomas W. Phillips  Flow synthesis of silver nanowires  2016
 Dr. Nuchutha Thamsumet  Droplet-based separation tools for multidimensional biological separations  2016
 Dr. Ai Lin Christina Pang  Methods for Enhancing the Yield and Performance of Organic Solar Cells  2015
 Dr. James H. Bannock  Controlled synthesis of semiconducting polymers in droplet flow microreactors  2015
 Dr. David Beesley  Patterning methods for organic electronics  2015
 Dr. Kritika Kumar  Microfluidic synthesis of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanocrystals for magnetic resonance imaging  2013
 Dr. Thitikorn Boonkoom  InP Quantum Dots for Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices  2013
 Dr. Mikihide Yamazaki  Novel technologies for high sensitivity analyte detection  2013
 Dr. Angharad N. Laetsch (née Edwards)  Development of Luminescent Labels for use in Miniaturised Diagnostic Devices  2012
 Dr. Sung Soo Kim  Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube electrodes for all-plastic, electronic device applications  2011
 Dr. Adrian Nightingale Development of a Versatile, Stable Droplet‐reactor for High Temperature Nanocrystal Synthesis  2011
 Dr. Kok-Haw Ong  Low Band-Gap Donor Polymers for Organic Solar Cells  2011
 Dr. Andrea Maurano  Charge Carrier Losses in Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells  2010
 Dr. Rui Jin  Investigating the Operating Mechanisms of Polymer Light Emitting Diodes  2009
 Dr. Christopher G. Shuttle  Recombination dynamics in polythiophene:fullerene solar cells  2009
 Dr. Siva H. Krishnadasan  Intellegent Synthesis of Nanoparticles  2008
 Dr. Zi En Ooi  On the corrected photocurrent of organic bulk heterojunctiion solar cells  2008
 Dr. Wayne N. George   Luminescent conjugated polyelectrolytes for DNA biosensing  2007
 Dr. Paul J. Brewer  Internal field screening in polymer light emitting diodes  2005
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PG Master's Students (MSc & MRes)
NameThesis TitleYear
 Ms. Wenmin Xu  Towards Automated OPV Device Fabrication  2014-15
 Ms. Holly Campbell  Novel synthesis of a dual fluorescent and magnetic nanosystem  2014-15
 Mr. Barnaby Walker  Continuous-flow Processing for Cost-Effective Synthesis of Fullerene Bis-Adduct Acceptors  2012-13
 Mr. Zair Dominguez Trinidad (ETHz)  Buiding a Light Scattering Spectrometer for a Smart Reactor of Optoelectronic Materials  2011-12
 Dr. Thomas W. Phillips  Flow synthesis of silver nanowires for low cost transparent electrodes  2011-12
 Dr. James H. Bannock  Smart Reactors for Optoelectronic Materials  2010-11
 Dr. David Beesley  (tbc)  2009-10
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UG Master's Students (MSci)
NameThesis TitleYear
 Mr. Jack Herrington  Development of an automated system for the fabrication of thin-film smart devices  2016-17
 Mr. Nas Andriopoulos  In search of Quantum Yield: Towards self-optimising flow reactors for the preparation of highly fluorescent quantum dots  2015-16
 Mr. Joesph Shine  A Novel Preparation Method For Multifunctional Polymer Nanospheres  2014-15
 Ms. Wenmin Xu  Breaking up the order: High performance poly(3-hexylthiophene) with low regioregularity  2013-14
 Mr. Dongwhi Kim  Automated Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles  2012-13
 Ms. Flora Chiu  Integrated Liquid Separation and Optical Analysis Methods for Segmented Flow Chemistry  2012-13
 Mr. Xiang Xue  Fluorescent Dye-Doped Polymer Beads with a Measure of Forster Resonance Energy Transfer  2012-13
 Ms. Ella Burroughes  A Study into the Optimization of Polymer Inks for Gravure Printing of Solar Cells  2011-12
 Mr. Barnaby Walker  Synthesis of Gold Nanorods in a Microfluidic Droplet Reactor  2011-12
 Dr. Thomas W. Phillips  (tbc)  2010-11
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Bachelor's Students (BSc)
NameThesis TitleYear
 Mr. Tsz (Martin) Lui  An Automated Liquid-Liquid Separator  2016
 Mr. Hongyang Bao  Flow-based synthesis of one step seeded growth of gold nanoparticles with widely tuneable sizes  2016
 Mr. Zhicheng (Ricky) Dong  Synthesis of fluorescent nanobeads with control of particle size in a flow device  2013
 Ms. Roxane Jourdain  Synthesis and Use of Dye-loaded Polymer Nanobeads  2012
 Mr. Cyril Jean (ENS, Paris)  Droplet-Based Microfluidic Synthesis of Device-Grade Regioregular Poly(3-hexylthiophene)  2011
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UROP Students
 Mr. Tsz (Martin) Lui  An Automated Liquid-Liquid Separator (continuing work from BSc project)  2017
 Mr. Theophile Baissas  Flow Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers  2015
 Ms. Sophia Hyer  Silver nanowire electrodes  2014
 Ms. Lucy Rowlands  Preparation of Fluorescent Polymer Beads  2013
 Ms. Xinyue Liu Flexible electrodes for Field-Effect Transistors (FETs)  2012
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