Over the last number of years, Scholars have executed impactful leading research projects. 
All Laidlaw Scholars Programme research projects will have to address at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Here are some examples of the research projects from this year:

1. How Climate Change Contributes to Human-Wildlife Conflict in East and Southern Africa 
2. Water Security in Southeast Iraq - The Role of Iran in Environmental Degradation and Subsequent Socio-Economic Consequences on the Marsh Arabs of Southeast Iraq
3. The Forgotten Majority: The impact of the cost-of-living crisis on white working-class males aged 14-16 years old in Islington, London
4. A Global Capstone Experience: Developing and Promoting Global Cultural Awareness and Educational Opportunities
5. Embedding Sustainability in Engineering Education
6. Bees, Pesticides and Insect declines: defining the sublethal effects of pesticides on honeybees
7. Sexuality and Sexual Education Resources for Autistic Youth - Increasing Accessibility and Awareness
8. A Right to a Healthy Environment in Ireland
9. Influences between the Evolution of Legal Framework and Civil Society in Singapore
10. Building a “smart” monitoring system for bee colony observation
11. Turning Trash into Treasure: Nitrate Upcycling and Wastewater Treatment for Ammonia Production
12. Artificial Muscles for Post-paralysis Facial Reanimation
13. How to get up-to-date science accessible to people
14. Pesticides and Insect Decline
15. Development of Sustainable Supercapacitors from Food Waste
16. Does Homelessness Undermine Democracy? The Role of Home in Democratic Citizenship
17. Design and Development of a Modular Bio-Impedance-Based Wristband for Human-Machine Interfaces
18. Youth Voices for Sustainable Futures in Higher Education
19. Environmental Law in the European Union
20. How Advocacy Drives Policy
21. Europe’s Forgotten – An Analysis of the European Union’s Refugee Asylum and Housing Policies
22. The Eldercare Debate in East Asia: Sustainable “Solutions” in Modern Aging Societies
23. The Governmental Limitations of Entrepreneurial Women: India vs. United States
24. Morocco’s Multilingual Advantage: Unravelling the Impact on Trade and Foreign Investment
25. Blockchain Economics and Financial Development
26. Employee Ownership: A Brief Discussion of Benefits and Recent Policy
27. Examining the Effect of Ongoing Economic Crisis on Women’s Well-being and Coping Mechanisms in Underserved Urban Communities in Colombo, Sri Lanka
28. How Do Local Residents in Metalkova (Slovenia) and Freetown Christiania (Denmark) perceive Leadership in Local Governance in ‘Autonomous Heterotopian’ Societies
29. Shaping New York Cap and Invest: Linkage in the Wake of Overallocation
30. Climate Innovation for All: Cultivating Sustainability and Resilience in the Green Economy
31. Homelessness at What Cost? The socio-economic impact of rough sleeping on the public and private sector

You can also see all Laidlaw research projects at one of the longest-running institutions - University of St. Andrews and Trinity College Dublin and you can find some more examples of the research projects from previous years and read about Scholars' journeys here