Put your new language skills into practise with a language exchange partner

The CLCC Language Exchange is intended to help you practice your language skills. This scheme offers students and staff from Imperial College the opportunity to exchange their native language for a language they are learning. The scheme is free of charge and is for all Imperial students and staff. You do not need to be registered for a Horizons or adult language class in order to participate .   

How it works 

  • To register for the language exchange please complete the online registration (We are currently experiencing an issue with the form. Please still go ahead and complete it and ignore any error messages as the completed form is still being received by us.) 
  • We shall then contact you once we have a  match


  • You will be expected to meet your partner once a week for an hour
  • You will spend half an hour on each language. 
  • You will make a commitment for a minimum of six weeks
  • Contact your partner if you cannot keep an appointment
  • It is your responsibility to contact your partner if you cannot keep an appointment.


  • The CLCC Language Exchange is not to replace a language class
  • To exchange a language, you need to be of a native level.

If you have any queries please contact CLCClanguageexchange@imperial.ac.uk