Past members of the Livingston Group

Marc Schaepertoens (2012-2017) - PhD Student

Marc's PhD focussed on the iterative synthesis of monodisperse polymers. He looked at the behaviour of cascades to improve the single stage separation performance of the membranes by utilising multi stage configurations.

Patrizia Marchetti (2012-2017) - PhD Student and PDRA

Patrizia first completed her PhD at Imperial in 2012 whilst at Lonza and then joined the Livingston Group as a research associate. Patrizia's research focused on the synthesis of new advanced nano-particle based membranes for water applications, the characterisation of their structure and performance in aqueous solutions and the understanding of aggregation, adhesion and wetting phenomena at the nanoscale.

Joao Burgal (2012-2016) - PhD Student

João completed a PhD in 2016 in the field of membrane science, focusing on using nanofiltration membranes for organic solvents. He is currently employed by GSK, Stevenage.

Maria Jimenez Solomon (2008-2016) - PhD Student and PDRA

Maria completed her PhD on Organic Solvent Nanofiltration membranes for molecular purification in the manufacture of active pharmacuticals ingredients under Andrew Livingston's supervision and then went on to become a postdoctoral researcher in the Group. Maria left the Group in 2016 to join Unilever.

Andreia Miranda (2007-2014) - PhD Student

Andreia completed her PhD within The Livingston Group in 2014 and is now a Process Engineer in GSK, Montrose, Scotland.

Jeong Kim (2010-2014) - PhD Student

After completing his PhD, Jeong joined the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in South Korea as a Senior Research Engineer.