Jin Hui Teh
2023 - Developments and applications of the aluminium-[18F]fluoride method for biomolecule radiolabelling

Brad Osborne
2023 - Lipophilic and cationic gallium-68 complexes for the detection of mitochondrial dysfunction

Chloe Baker
2022 - The development of switchable initiators for rac-Lactide ring-opening polymerisation

Troy Bennett
2022 - Synthesis and characterisation of novel molecular wires for studies of thermoelectricity

Matt Farleigh
2022 - Bifunctional chelators containing dibromomaleimides for the preparation of radioimmunoconjugates for PET imaging

Megan Midson
2021 - Phosphonate-anchored ligands for upconversion imaging nanoprobes

Stephanie Sheppard
2021 - Towards the synthesis of multinuclear, branched and cyclic metallocene-containing complexes

Thomas Clough
2021 - Imaging Probes for Pancreatic β Cells: Design, Synthesis and Testing

Sophie Morse
2020 - In Vivo Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Rapid Short-Pulse Sequences for Ultrasound-Mediated Delivery of Agents to the Brain

Peter Gawne
2020 - New Zirconium-89 and Manganese-52 Complexes for Cell and Liposome Tracking with Positron Emission Tomography

Rhiannon Evans
2020 - Developing Novel Molecular Contrast Agents For Imaging Vulnerable Plaques

Jonathan Rains
2019 - Development of Carbonic Anhydrase Mimics that Target the Inefficiencies of Rubisco by Increasing Local CO2 Concentration in situ

Patrick Bergstrom Mann
2019 - The Synthesis and Characterisation of Biocompatible Cu-Based Nanocrystals for Imaging and Therapy

Tamara Boltersdorf
2019 - Luminescent Compunds for Targeting Formyl Peptide Receptors

Samantha Apps
2019 - Dinitrogen Activation of N-triphos Transition Metal Complexes

Adam Smith
2019 - Lipophilic and Cationic Gallium-68 Chelates for Mitochondrial Imaging

Emma Coakley
2018 - Near-IR and MRI Probes Towards Multi-Modal Imaging and Ion Sensing

Charlotte Coleman
2018 - Novel Phosphasalen Ligands for the Ring-Opening Polymerisation of Lactones

Stuart McCluskey
2017 - PET-labelled Phosphonium Cations for Mitochondria Imaging

Bethany Harriss
2017 - Functionalised Microbubbles for Dual-Modality Imaging

Lucy Wilson
2017 - Cyclic Organometallic Complexes for Molecular Electronics

James McArdle
2017 - Multimetallic Nanoscale Assemblies based on Bifunctional Linkers

David Anders
2016 - Metal-Mediated Redox Manipulations of CO2 and CO towards 11C for PET Imaging

Andre Duerrbeck
2016 - New Multimetallic Assemblies as Photoluminescent Materials

Christopher K Wood
2016 - Non-spherical plasmonic nanoparticles

Kerry O'Donnelly
2015 - Towards Increasing the Efficiency of Rubisco through the use of Carbonic Anhydrase Mimetics

Charlotte Rivas
2015 - Dual-Modal Imaging Agents for Zinc Ion Sensing

Andreas Phanopoulos
2015 - The Coordination Chemistry and Catalytic Applications of Nitrogen-Centred Triphosphine Ligands

Sarah Jane Percival
2014 - Functionalised Silica Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging

Poh Yue Cheong
2014 - Novel Imaging Targets in Inflammation

Natasha Ann Keasberry
2014 - Functionalised Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging

Anna Haslop
2014 - Development of Fluorine-18 Labelled Phosphonium Cations for Imaging Apoptosis

Shuoren Du
2013 - Novel Ferrocene Based Palladium Complexes for Redox-Active Catalysis

Sheena Hindocha
2013 - Towards the Synthesis of Novel Chelates for Technetium-99m Imaging

Clare Michelle Bakewell
2013 - Group 3 and Group 13 Initiators for rac-Lactide Ring Opening Polymerisation

Michael Stephen Inkpen
2013 - Branched Organometallic Complexes for Molecular Electronics

James Hall
2013 - The Oxidative Stability of FAME in the Model Crankcase Environment

Myra Sae-Heng
2012 - Design, Synthesis and Applications of Novel Multi-Functional Imaging Agents

Chloe Childs
2012 - Determining Structure-Activity Relationships Between Novel PET Radiotracers and their Non-Specific Binding Properties

Neil Wilson
2011 - Studies on the Reactivity of Copper Complexes with NO and CO, and their Applications in Molecular Imaging 

Lucy Jennings
2011 - New Methodologies in Transition Metal-Mediated [11C]Radiolabelling for Positron Emission Tomography

Kathryn Gerry
2009 - Base Oil Degradation and Hydrocarbon Autoxidation

Melanie Clare Bottrill
2009 - New Routes to Biocompatible Nanoparticles and their Applications in Molecular Imaging

Steven Kealey
2008 - Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Scorpionate Ligands and their Applications in 11C-Positron Emission Tomography

Chun Kin Wong
2007 - Synthesis, Photoluminescent Properties and Self Assembly of Cis-Configured Platinum σ-Alkynyl Complexes

Antonio Ballisai
2006 - Synthesis of Rigid-Rod Metal-Alkynyl Complexes

Charlotte Katherine Anne Gregson
2006 - Towards Redox Control of Organometallic Molecular Polymerisation Catalysts

Gaetano Mancino
2006 - The Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Near-Infrared (NIR) Emitting Lanthanide(III) Complexes

Robert Christopher John Atkinson
2005 - Unsymmetrical Ferrocenyl Ligands, their Coordination Chemistry and Applications in Catalysis

Vivienne Antonia White
2004 - Macrocycles with Exogenous Binding Groups as Precursors to Multimetallic Complexes

Ian Alexander Cade
2004 - Antenna Modified Ethynyl Benzene Ligands and their Metal Complexes

Philip James Oxford
2003 - Novel Ferrocenyl Complexes and Their Potential Applications in Catalysis

Charlotte Katherine Williams
2001 - Novel Ferrocenediyl Ligands, their Transition Metal Complexes and Potential for Catalysis

Elizabeth Mary Watson
2001 - Novel Substituted Phthalocyanines and their Use in Dye Sensitised Solar Cells

Carlos Mongay-Batalla
2001 - Synthesis and Characterisation of new Metallo-Phthalocyanines and Sub-Phthalocyanines

Stephie Holland
2000 - Synthesis, Characterisation and Transition Metal Complexes of Nitrogen-Containing Ligands

Paul Rupert Speyer
1999 - Synthesis and Polymerisation of Aza-Macrocycles with Unsaturated Pendant Arms and Their Transition Metal Complexes

Jeff Martin
1999 - The Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Ferrocene Ligands and their Metal Complexes

Angela Joan Martin
1998 - Synthesis and Characterisation of Metallocenyl and/or Metal-Acetylide Compounds