Project information

Achieving high coverage of conventional malaria control interventions remains a cornerstone of international policy for malaria control and, in many places with ongoing high endemic transmission, an essential precursor to subsequent elimination efforts. Previously, we developed a Bayesian compartment model that synthesised information on mosquito net deliveries, distributions and periodic coverage evaluations through household surveys. Using this model we generated national level spatiotemporal reconstructions of insecticide-treated net (ITN) coverage through time in Africa.

The main focus of our research is the extension of the ITN model to estimate national level reconstructions of indoor residual spraying (IRS), and the creation of high-resolution maps of both ITN and IRS coverage. These maps are currently being used to explore the efficiency of current ITN/IRS distributions relative to the underlying transmission intensity.

We work on understanding the impacts of ITN interventions in the presence of pyrethroid resistance, the benefit of new products with different types of insecticide and how we can use these tools in different ways to maximise their impact

Recent publications

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