Prospective students gathered in the reception area.

The Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions Team is involved at each stage of the pre-enrolment journey, with a shared purpose of attracting the brightest and best students from across the UK and around the globe.

Our ambition is to provide a seamless applicant experience across all touchpoints, whether face-to-face or digital, without any compromises in quality.

This student-centred approach is at the heart of everything we do, from enquiry through to enrolment.

We encourage departments across the College to work with us and access a range of professional support, advice and guidance to achieve our mission of recruiting the most talented people, regardless of background.

Our team leads

  • Lizzie Burrows

    Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions

    Key responsibilities

    • Strategic leadership of the MRA team
  • Caz Ulley

    Caz Ulley 

    Head of Marketing

    Key responsibilities

  • David Parrott

    David Parrott

    Head of Admissions

    Key responsibilities

Team contacts

For marketing, recruitment or admissions questions, please contact us using the relevant method below:

Student marketing queries/support, including updates to course pages – use our support request form 

UK student recruitment events and

Overseas student recruitment events and activities –


CRM (customer relationship management) and student surveys –

Admissions – please see contacts by Faculty