Shoebox maser on the Imperial College website


The pentacene shoebox maser has been featured in an article on the Imperial College website. You can read it here.

Many thanks to Kayleigh for drafting the article!


Shoebox maser is Featured Article on APL


Our group has published a paper on successful miniaturisation of the room temperature pentacene maser to the size of a shoebox, and has been chosen by the editors of Applied Physics Letters as a Featured Article!

Read more about the work done in the article site here: 

Covered are the methods of shrinking the maser down to fit within a portable 'lunchbox', which required utilising a very compact high power Nd:YAG pulsed green laser. We hope the work helps pave the way for other groups to start building their own masers for study and rapid improvements.


Video of the shoebox maser

For more about our work on the shoebox maser, check out the video on the left!

(also available in the Videos section)

Christmas Party!

Dec 2023

The Maser group went out for our Christmas dinner party at the Hereford Arms!







Imperial Lates - Space


We had a stall at the night time Imperial Lates, presenting the maser and a music communication-through-light game to go with the Research in Space theme!





Diamond maser at the Quantum Showcase!








The maser group presented both the diamond maser and pentacene maser at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase! We presented our miniaturised maser-on-a-trolley with Element Six and really grabbed the crowd with our orange glowing diamond in a box. The pentacene maser was also presented in collaboration with Imperial QuEST.


Pentacene maser at the Imperial QuEST launch


We were at the inaugural launch of the Quantum Engineering, Science and Technology (QuEST) centre at Imperial! We presented the pentacene maser to a huge mix of students, lecturers and policymakers.







Maser at the Great Exhibition Road Festival!



We manned a stall at the Great Exhibition Road Festival with the pentacene maser and Ion Smash ball game! The festival had a huge turn out with over 50,000 people from the general public coming to the stalls. Our stall was done in collaboration with the Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (NAME) Programme.