An image of Dylan HallDegree programme: MEng Materials Science and Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2020
Current job role and organisation:
Graduate Engineer (Alloyed) 

Why did you choose to study at Imperial? 

Because Imperial is an internationally renowned university for Engineering and I wanted to study in the vibrant and exciting city of London.

What are your top three memories from your time here? 

Being part of the RSM and joining in with all the great social events like dinners and bar nights, as well as the Bottle Match varsity event. 

Working on a year-long project to build a fully automated separation and refining machine with my course mates. 

Studying at MIT for a semester as part of the Imperial-MIT exchange programme and living in Boston for 4 months. 

Can you tell us about your current occupation? 

I am now an Engineer at Alloyed, which is an alloy design company based in Oxford. The company was spun-out from Professor Roger Reed’s research group at the University of Oxford, building on decades of research in computational materials science.

We design new alloys for a range of applications; from flexible printed circuit boards to biomedical implants, using a stack of computational technologies developed by the company. We also build metallic components using additive manufacturing, combining proprietary software with innovative design to create components that push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

I work across both alloy design and component design for additive manufacture, focusing on applications in the electronics industry. I love working at Alloyed because I get to combine aspects of both materials science and computer science in a really collaborative environment.

What are your ambitions for the future? 

An image of Dylan HallI aim to work my way up within Alloyed, ultimately to a senior position where I can help decide on which projects we get involved in. I am particularly interested in working on the development of our computational alloy design platform, which I am gradually becoming more and more involved with. In a post-corona world, I also hope to travel with my job and see parts of the world that I have never visited before. We recently opened a new office in Tokyo and plan to open another in Los Angeles soon, which is a great opportunity for me to travel. 

What piece of wisdom can you share with our current students? 

You will undoubtedly gain great technical skills while you are at Imperial, but developing the right non-technical skills is just as important. In a job, non-technical skills such as being able to deliver presentations confidently, communicate effectively with clients and balance your time well are essential. Joining societies and social clubs is a great way to encourage this and it will help to make you a more well-rounded and employable person. Make the most of your time at Imperial because there are so many opportunities open to you and many amazing people you can learn from!