The Foundation stream supports researchers in their medtech translation journey through bespoke learning tools & resources.

What we do

Bespoke Courses

Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices (May 2024)

Knowledge Base

A platform built around key questions early-career researchers encounter throughout their medtech journey, including topic introductions and signposted resources.

Innovative course generation pipeline

An AI-powered pipeline to streamline the generation and modification of high quality courses in view of the changing medtech landscape.

How to contribute

Gain Early Access

Gain exclusive early access to preview our resources and help shape our educational offering by participating in our feedback group.

Propose resources

Help expand our knowledge base by proposing resources and/or references to resources (including guidelines, tutorials, courses, templates, and software tools).

Share Your Expertise

Transform your expertise in medical technology translation into a valuable course for the Imperial community using our cutting-edge course development process.


Nazia Bharde

Nazia Bharde

Nazia Bharde
Project Support Officer

Elena Monfort Sanchez

Elena Monfort Sanchez

Elena Monfort Sanchez
MedTech Translation Research Associate

Brandon Davies

Brandon Davies
Learning Technologist