Perkin-Elmer Diamond DSC

Perkin Elmer Diamond DSCDifferential scanning calorimeter for samples in sealed DSC pans

Intracooler, allowing low temp data acquisition (-60°C)
High temperature, limited by pan material e.g. 600°C for Aluminium
High speed 'Hyper DSC' possible
Information on Tm, ΔH and ΔS of phase transitions
Data points can be acquired at 20 points a second

Microcal DSC/PPC

Microcal DSC/PPCHigh sensitivity differential scanning calorimeter with a pressure perturbation

  • Temperature range from ~10 – 120°C
  • Scan rates of 0°C/hr – 90°C/hr (heating) or 60°C/hr (cooling)
  • Pressure perturbation allows pressures between 0-30psi
  • Origin 7.0 software is used for data analysis
  • Used for very DILUTE solutions e.g. proteins, liposomes – conc. 0.2–2mM

Microcal ITC

Microcal ITCIsothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) is used for monitoring chemical reactions initiated by the addition of a binding component, and has become the method of choice for characterizing biomolecular interactions

Fixed cells for ultrasensitive performance
Active cell volume 1.3 ml
Linear drive liquid delivery system (250 microliter syringe)
Temperature range 2ºC to 80ºC
Binding constants < 102 to 109 M-1
Origin 7.0 software is used for data analysis