Departmental administration

Department Manager   Joanna Thompson
Department Staffing Coordinator
Leah Grey
Department Finance Officer Benjamin Bernard
Department Communications and Website Coordinator Benjamin Coleman


Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) Prof Kevin Murphy
Director of Postgraduate Studies (Taught) Prof Kate Hardy
Education Manager Anita Stubbs
Research Degrees Manager Hayley Kendall-Berry 
Research Degrees Administrator Karine Gay
MRes Clinical Research  Fiona Bibby
MSc Human Molecular Genetics Deborah Jones
MSc Applied Genomics Deborah Jones
MRes Biomedical Research Noelia Moreno
PGCert/MSc Reproductive and Developmental Biology Mojiba Khanum
BSc Endocrinology Olive Thomas
BSc Pharmacology Olive Thomas
BSc Gastroenterology and Hepatology Mojiba Khanum
BSc Reproductive and Developmental Science Mojiba Khanum

Health and Safety

Senior Lab Manager Michael Johns

Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism

Head of Division Professor Waljit Dhillo
Division Manager Charmaine Porter
Head of Section of Endocrinology Professor Waljit Dhillo
Endocrinology Section Manager Kim Cyrus
Head of Section of Metabolic Medicine Professor Nick Oliver
Head of Section of Cell Biology and Functional Genomics Professor Guy Rutter
Divisional Operations Assistant Yasmin Abdi

Divisional Operations Assistant

Digestive Disease

Head of Division Professor Maud Lemoine
Division Manager Tammy Barrett
Head of Section of Hepatology & Gastroenterology Professor Maud Lemoine
Section of Hepatology & Gastroenterology Manager Sara Hamza
Head of Section of Nutrition Professor Gary Frost
Section of Nutrition Manager Sara Hamza
Head of Section of Pathology Professor Rob Goldin

Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Head of Division Professor Phillip Bennett
Division Manager  Tammy Barrett
Division Admin Assistant Elizabeth Barnes

Systems Medicine

Head of Division    Professor Zoltan Takats
Division Manager Charmaine Porter
Head of Business Development & Strategy Dr Fiona Pereira
Divisional Administrator Katia Nery
Administrative Assistant  Naomi Cockshutt
Head of Section of Bioanalytical Chemistry Dr Matthew Lewis
Section of Bioanalytical Chemistry Administrator Lynn Maslen
Head of Section of Genetics & Genomics Professor Jorge Ferrer
Section of Genetics & Genomics Administrator Patricia Murphy
Head of Section of Biomolecular Medicine Professor Marc-Emmanuel Dumas
Section of Biomolecular Medicine Administrator Katia Nery
Head of Section of Bioinformatics Dr Tim Ebbels
 Section of Bioinformatics Administrator Katia Nery

Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts

Visit the Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts SharePoint site for a range of information about Faculty and departmental organisational and committee structures, as well as key contacts for a range of leadership and governance roles.  

Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts SharePoint