Research Area

Constitutive Modelling and Simulation for Creep Age Forming Process

Currently involved in creep age forming (CAF) of aluminum panel, to understand the mechanism of its whole forming process, interaction between the age-hardening and creep forming, and try to develop a set of material models and relative FEA model for AA7075. Past experiences include researching of hot ductility and fracture toughness of 2124 aluminum alloy extra-thick plate, simulation research of basic process and equipment parameters in fast roll-casting, basic rules and original technology shapes researching of aluminum alloys trans-normal cast rolling, research of strange load forming mechanism and restrain technology in huge statically indeterminate structure and so on.

Research Keywords

  • CAF
  • Materials Modelling
  • FEA
  • Heat Transfer
  • Plastic Deformation
  • Aluminum Alloy


  • Academic Visitor, Imperial College
  • Associate Professor, Central South University, China
  • PhD Central South University, China
  • MSc Central South University, China
  • BSc Hunan University of Science and Technology, China

Contact Details

Tel: (+44) (0)2075 941196