Research Area

Forming Safety Critical Panel Beam with Efficacious Graded Microstructures for Passenger Cars

I started my PhD study in Oct 2009, and my research project is cooperated with SAIC. Based on the significant work which has been carried out within the group for the development of modelling techniques to predict microstructure evolution under the thermo-mechanical processing conditions of this process, the aim of this project is to develop techniques to enable panel parts to be formed with tailored microstructure distributions (and hence tailored mechanical property distributions) to achieve, for example, maximum stiffness, which translates into maximum vehicle energy absorption in a collision.

Research Keywords

  • Bumper Beams
  • Hot Stamping and Cold Die Quenching
  • Boron Steel
  • Material Modelling
  • FE Analysis and Optimization



  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng in Thermal Energy and Heating Dynamics Engineering
  • MSc in Automotive Engineering


Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 9078