Research Area

My PhD research topic is titled "Investigation of Bonding Mechanisms in Forging Bi-Metal Lightweight Gears", and is part of a wider effort to successfully commercialise forged multi-metal gears. The general aim is to reduce the mass of gears by incorporating lighter metals in low-stress regions. This PhD, funded by an EPSRC grant, is intended to successfully optimise forging tooling and parameters to form high strength bonds between the materials, and to test prototype gears.

The work involves finite element simulation using commercial software packages, trial forgings, and high-load testing of prototype gears.

Research Keywords

  • Gear forging
  • Lightweight gears
  • Multi-metal gears
  • Bonding
  • Diffusion bonding
  • FEA
  • Material modelling


MEng (1st Class) in Mechanical Engineering (2013), Imperial College London

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