Members in the lab conduct research to understand shared computation between the body and the brain. The group has diverse expertise ranging from computational methods to model dynamic systems, robot hardware, control theory, and experimental methods to test biological questions using robotic counterparts. So far lab members have come from UK, California, Russia, China, France, Italy, Acuador, Iran, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain, Autralia, and Malaysia. We have had nearly 50:50 male and female members in our research team so far.

Photo taken in the summer of 2023 in the Imperial College Yard.

Photo taken in Richmond park in November 2020.

Morph lab with Reza and Tania

Photo taken when my postdoc advisor Professor Reza Shadmehr and his wife Tania Shadmehr came to visit us in 2018.

Morph lab kclTaken before we moved from KCL