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Handbook on Soft Robotics

The Handbook on Soft Robotics to be published by Springer Nature tries to provide bioinspiration, design, modeling, sensing, actuation, fabrication, and control methods of soft robots for engineers in industry and junior graduate students.
Potential readers of this book can now submit what you would like to read in this book using this survey.
The aim of this survey is to better understand potential reader needs so that the authors can address them by the planned delivery date on 31st July 2023. It can just be things that you are curious to know about soft robots without an application in mind at this point or just problems you guess soft robots could come in handy to solve.
Editor: Professor Thrishantha Nanayakkara (Imperial College London, UK)
Professor Cecilia Laschi (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Professor Barbara Mazzolai (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy)
Professor Jamie Paik (EPFL, Switzerland)
Professor Ian D. Walker (Clemson University, USA)
Professor Shinichi Hirai (Ritzumeikan University, Japan)
Professor Isuru Godage (Texas A&M University, USA)
Professor Christian Duriez (Inria, France)
Dr. Nicolas Rojas (Imperial College London, UK)
Dr. S.M.Hadi Sadati (Kings College London, UK)
Mr. Ali Shtarbanov (MIT, USA)