REC Ref: 12/LO/0768


This is a 10 year multicenter clinical surveillance study, which aims to assess the clinical, functional and radiological performance of the Furlong Evolution® Hip stem in patients.

Furlong Hip


Total hip replacement (THR) is a highly effective procedure in relieving pain and restoring function.  The JRI Furlong® H­A­C femoral stem is one such implant with good long term survivorship. The femoral implant has been used since 1985 and published findings have shown a 97.4% survivorship at a mean of 17 years follow up in patients. 

Our primary intention is to assess the function and survival of the new Evolution® hip replacement implant.  As part of on going developments in hip replacement implants, this new modification has been developed from an existing hip replacement stem, which has very good long term results.  The reason for the development was to try to give the patient a better surgical and rehabilitation experience with a much kinder operation. In theory this new hip stem might aid post operative recovery and may also perform at least as good as its predecessor. We must stress that the benefits and potential downside of the Furlong Evolution® Hip Stem is currently not known and is being evaluated in this study.  We wish to test these potential benefits by making a long term commitment to follow patients who consent to the new Furlong Evolution® 10 years after operation.