DEMISTIFI is a research study which aims to increase our understanding of fibrosis or scarring.

Fibrosis means thickening or scarring of tissue in our bodies. It occurs in a range of different conditions, including those affecting the pancreas, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, and lungs. It can affect one organ or many and is very common.

Scars form as our body heals from damage. This damage can be caused by lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol, or obesity, or from infections like COVID-19. Some people are genetically more likely than others to suffer from scarring.

A build-up of scarring can stop organs working properly, and this affects breathing, digestion, and heart function, amongst other things.

The DEMISTIFI research study has been developed so that we can understand how that happens.

What does DEMSITIFI stand for?

The name comes from DEfining MechanIsms Shared across mulTI-organ FIbrosis to prevent the development of long-term multi-morbidity.

What work is being done now?
DEMISTIFI researchers are currently looking for links between different types of fibrosis which will help them to find new ways to treat conditions and potentially prevent people from getting fibrosis in other organs.

How will DEMISTIFI help?

Researchers have done a lot of research into scarring in individual conditions and organs, but DEMISTIFI is different because it compares information from all organs and a wide range of conditions.

Through this research, we hope to find similarities and differences in scarring in organs which will help us improve treatments for patients.

For instance, we might find that a drug that works with one condition also works with another. Or that lifestyle differences often used to help one condition could reduce harm in another too.

Who is involved in DEMISTIFI?

The project is led by Professor Gisli Jenkins, Imperial College London.

How can I get involved?

We hold public engagement events that look at different aspects of the study and fibrosis and they are promoted by our charity partners online and through social media.

If you are someone affected by fibrosis or a patient organisation, you can register your interest to be kept up to date about the project or find out about upcoming events by emailing getinvolved@nuh.nhs.uk.