The Blyth Centre works with a diverse range of professional visiting artists.


Visiting artists who have exhibited at the Blyth Gallery

  • Larry Achiampong
  • Liz Ainslie
  • Majel Aslam
  • Aline von der Assen
  • Alexandra Anderson
  • Ky Anderson
  • Kate Atkin
  • Adam Bainbridge
  • Emma Barrow
  • Nathan Barlex
  • Kim Baker
  • Priyanka Bedia
  • Andrea Bergart
  • Ruth van Beek­­ 
  • Gabriel Beveridge
  • Cecilia Bonilla 
  • Christoph Borowiak
  • Paul Bloom
  • Zachery Eastwood-Bloom
  • Sasha Bowles
  • Charlotte Bracegirdle
  • Chloé Brillatz
  • Sarah Bridgland
  • Hannah Brown
  • Miya Jazmin Browne
  • Zoe Brown
  • Alex Buhler
  • Jane Bustin
  • Jodie Carey
  • Leah Carless 
  • Claudia Carr
  • Louisa Chambers
  • Anna Chapman
  • Cecilia Charlton
  • Jo Chate
  • Sumana Chaturvedula
  • Ross Chisholm
  • Petros Chrisostomou
  • Gary Clough  
  • Julie Cockburn
  • Lauren Collings
  • James Connelly
  • Ben Cove 
  • Deb Covell
  • Amanda Couch
  • Laura Youngson Coll
  • Clara Collings
  • Stephen Cooper
  • Ben Cove
  • Richard Cramp
  • Stuart Cumberland
  • Sean Cummins
  • Daniel Crow
  • Liz Dawson
  • Teresita Dennis
  • Silke Dettmers
  • Zoe Dorelli
  • Ralph Dorey
  • Annabel Dover
  • Richard Ducker
  • Tracey Eastham
  • Annabel Elgar
  • Tamsin Von Essen
  • Merike Estna 
  • Andrew Ekins
  • Tim Ellis
  • Rita Evans
  • Tessa Farmer
  • Nadine Feinson
  • David Fletcher
  • Carolyn Flood
  • Robin Footitt
  • Rebecca Fortnum
  • Matt Franks
  • Anna M R Freeman
  • Nick Fox
  • Neil Gall
  • Elena Gavrisch
  • Sarah Gillham
  • Nina Gehl
  • Alex Gough
  • Stewart Gough
  • Laura Green
  • Jane Hayes Greenwood
  • Andrea Gregson
  • Andrew Griffiths
  • Mary Griffiths
  • Oona Grimes
  • Patrick Guns
  • Hans Hancock
  • Vincent Hawkins
  • Jane Hayes-Greenwood
  • Karen Henderson
  • Jessica Holmes
  • Andrew Hladky
  • Jane Hunt
  • Henry Hussey
  • Thomas Hylander
  • Bruce Ingram
  • Jo Israel
  • Andy Jackson
  • Rebecca Jagoe 
  • Sarah Jeffries
  • Jonathan Joubert
  • Dominic Kennedy
  • Hyojun Kim
  • Bohyeon Bona Kim 
  • Sarah Kogan
  • Peter Krige
  • Dirk Krecker
  • Line Krom
  • Ansel Krut
  • Tania Knuckey
  • Nayan Kulkarni
  • Gayle Chong Kwan
    • Tara Langford
    • Andrew Larkin
    • Jens Lay
    • Christina Manning Lebek
    • Mindy Lee
    • Aishleen Lester
    • Rosie Leventon
    • Richard Livingston
    • Ursula Llewellyn
    • Heidi Locher
    • Cathy Lomax
    • Erin Lawlor 
    • Matthew Macaulay 
    • Guy Marshall-Brown
    • Robin Mason
    • Wendy McLean
    • Damien Meade
    • Grant W Miller
    • Phoebe Mitchell 
    • Clare Mitten
    • Emily Moore
    • James Moore
    • Elanor Morgan
    • Mali Morris
    • Patrick Morrisey
    • Alex Gene Morrison
    • Elliott P. Montgomery
    • Ryan Mosley
    • Suzanne Moxhay
    • Elva Mulchrome
    • Hannah Murgatroyd
    • Goia Mujalli
    • Sarah Naim
    • Stephen Nelson
    • Sif Norskov
    • Charlie Ogilvie
    • Yu Ting Ong
    • Aidan O'Sullivan
    • Jingyong Park
    • Katrina Palmer
    • Stephen Palmer
    • Duncan Pare
    • Nicholas Pankhurst
    • Alicia Paz
    • Alex Pearl
    • Charley Peters
    • John Pinney
    • Yelena Popova
    • Katie Pratt
    • Helen Pritchard
    • Victoria Rance
    • John Reardon
    • Cat Roissetter
    • Giulia Ricci
    • Joseph Richards
    • Freddie Robins
    • Javier Rodriguez
    • Cat Roissetter
    • Claudia Sarnthein
    • Gabriella Shutz
    • Miho Sato
    • Sarah Scarsbrook
    • Joseph Schneider
    • Mark Scott-Wood
    • Chris Shaw
    • Peter Shear
    • Yukako Shibata
    • Kung Hwa Shon
    • Gabriella Shutz
    • Vanessa da Silva
    • Abigail Smith
    • Adriana Setchi
    • Becky Shaw
    • Susan Sluglett
    • Tami Soji-Akinyemi
    • Michael Spakowski
    • Sarah Sparkes
    • Ellie Stanford
    • John Stezaker
    • Kate Street
    • Mobile Studio
    • Debra Swann
    • Anita Taylor
    • Ross Taylor
    • Russell Terry
    • Tracy Thomason
    • Mimei Thompson
    • Rachel Thorlby
    • Michele Tocca
    • Ben Toms
    • Alicia Tsigarides
    • Sarah Tynan
    • Mhairi Vari
    • Claude Temin-Vergez
    • Lara Viana
    • Jack Vickridge
    • Nadia Visram
    • Paul Vivian
    • Adia Wahid
    • Marianne Walker
    • Tom Walker
    • Sichan Wang
    • Julia Willms
  • Beth Williams
  • Simon Willems
  • Nicola Williams
  • Julia Willms
  • Sarah Kate Wilson
  • Sam Windett
  • Laura White
  • Michael Whittle
  • Sarah Woodfine
  • Amy Woolley
  • Dawn Woolley
  • Ian Whitfield
  • Matthew Wragg
  • Simon Woolham
  • James Wright
  • Isabel Young

Art Teachers

Sarah Gillham

ImageSarah Gillham completed her MA in painting at the RCA in 2005. She has received a Painter – Stainers Fine Art award and completed commissions for The Great Eastern Hotel, London and for the Marlow Theatre, Canterbury.

 Exhibitions include: Rumpy Bees & Pumpy Blooms, Klosterpresse, Frankfurt Germany (2018),Artwork/Housework, Art licks Weekend, London (2017), Something Borrowed, Arthouse1, London (2017),In Infancy, Blyth Gallery, London (2016), Sixty, Art-Athina, Greece, and at Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London (2016), Sex Shop, Transition Gallery, London and at the Folkestone Triennial Fringe (2014/2015), All The Dead Dears, WW Gallery London (2012),Woolgather Art Prize, Leeds (2012), WW Solo Award|Group, WW Gallery London (2012), Condensation, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London (2011), Homespun Mythologies (SOLO), The Blyth Gallery London (2011) 

Sarah Gillham's website

Andrea Gregson

Andrea Gregson

Andrea Gregson is a Senior Lecturer and MA Fine Art Subject Leader in Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including Gestures of Resistance, Romantso, Athens (2017); Restless Terrain, AVA Gallery, UEL, London (2016); Down To Zero, Patrick Heide, London (2014); Mindful Things, Concrete, Hayward Gallery, London (2012); Polemically Small, Torrance Art Museum, LA, USA (2011); Last Night For Ever, The Garden Museum, London (2009)

Andrea Gregson's Website

Alex Gough

alex gough

British/ Finnish artist Alex Gough studied at Chelsea College of Art, Camberwell College of Art and City and Guilds of London Art School. He is a founding member and Gallery manager of Block 336 Gallery in Brixton and has exhibited in London, Finland and the USA.

Materiality, visuality, photography and the relation between painting and experience are the cornerstone of Alex Gough’s challenge in painting. He works with a limited palette, determined to make his own paint so as to have control over the viscosity and intensity of experience. Working through the limits of the material and its handling is analogous for Gough to the ‘wilderness’ state, where no known foothold on meaning or known pathways can be found and must be worked out in the passage of the painting. The link visually through the limits of visual technology (the lens flare, the chemical burn of film/photopaper) ask interesting questions about how our visuality is informed.

An emphasis on openness, of not determining an outcome for the viewer, is key, and the viewer’s eye is not able to settle from one moment of experience to the next. There is a silence here, a determination to live in the paint that it is not possible to articulate in language. Like his experience in Finnish Lapland, Gough is embedded in a tacit knowledge of experience through practice that transmits aspects of that knowledge to the viewer in the language (and reflections on this language) of painting.

Alex Gough's website

Thomas Hylander

Thomas Hylander

Thomas Completed his MA at the Royal College of Art in 2004, He has exhibited at Jerwood Contemporary Painters, London, Hauser and Wirth, Zurich and Bloomberg New Contemporaries as part of Liverpool Biennial.  Selected group exhibitions include BARBARDOS, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, DK (2015); John Moores painting Prize Exhibition,Liverpool, UK (2014); Let the World Slip, The Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, UK (2012); Fade Away, Transition, London, UK (2010)His works are in the collection of Tate Modern (UK), Essl Museum (AT), Statens Kunstfond (DK), Zabludowicz Art Trust (UK), The Progressive Art Collection (US)

Thomas Hylanders Website

Louisa Loakes

louisa loakesLouisa Loakes  was formally trained at Wimbledon School of Art. She has a Fine Art Painting background.  Her work as an artist has seen a cross over between her abstract paintings and textiles.  She is a Self taught block printer and has a unique approach to the craft. Louisa’s textiles are primarily seen as a composition or canvas of a painting. Most of her textiles are printed in a single colour with a signature dash of hand-painted colour.

Lousia Loakes Website

Mindy Lee


Clare Mitten

Clare Mitten

Clare Mitten graduated with an MA Painting from the Royal College of Art (2006); BA Hons Fine Art Painting, University of Gloucestershire (2001); and BA Hons History of Art with French, University of Sussex (1994). 

Solo projects include Plantworks: A Factory As It Might Be, William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow (2017). Selected group exhibitions: The Machine Stops, Danielle Arnaud (2018); A Table of Elements, Greystone Industries, Suffolk (2017) Da Vinci Engineered: Renaissance Mechanics to Contemporary Art, Hull (2016); Complicity: Artifice and Illusion, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2016); Landscape with Machines, Coalbrookdale Gallery, Telford (2015);The Carp of the Tench, Dorothea Schlueter Gallery, Hamburg (2015); With Torch and Spear: Constructing Collage, Winchester Gallery (2013); Painting-Versus-Object, Standpoint (2012); Jerwood Painting Fellowships, Jerwood Space and tour (2011-12); Analog, Riflemaker (2011). 

Awards include: Arts Council England, Grant for the Arts (Plantworks, 2016); Bow Arts Award (2013); Jerwood Painting Fellowships (2011); and British Council residencies to Tbilisi (2010) and Dhaka (2008).

Clare Mitten's Website


Susan Sluglett

ImageSusan Sluglett studied painting at Wimbledon College of Art and graduated in 2008. While at Wimbledon she was awarded the Prunella Clough Scholarship and in 2013 she was one of three to receive the Jerwood Painting Fellowships. In 2015 she was the first Artist in Residence at the Borough Road Gallery.

Recent exhibitions include: Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Cello Factory, London (2018), Creekside Open, selected by Alison Wilding (2017), Positions, FabianPeake and Susan Sluglett, Griffin Gallery Perimeter Space, London (2016), Perfume Island, (SOLO), New Greenham Arts, Newbury, (2016), White Conduit Projects, London Art Fair, (2016), Five Floors Up: Loose Pieces Drop Off, (SOLO), Blyth Gallery, London, 2015, Hands Rhythm: Susan Sluglett A Conversation with the Borough Group, Borough Road Gallery, London (2015), Anthology 2014, Charlie Smith London Gallery, Jerwood Painting Fellowships 2013, Jerwood Visual Arts, London, (2013)

Susan Sluglett's website

Tenant Of Culture

Tennant of CultureTenant of Culture is the name of Hendrickje Schimmel's (NL, 1990) artistic practise. Previous exhibtions include Bloomberg New Contemporaries at The ICA (London, UK), Out of Fashion at The Central Museum (Utrecht, NL), Counter Quality at 650mAh, (Hove, UK), Climate | Change (solo) at Clearview (London, UK) and Deadstock (solo) at Sarabande Foundation (London, UK). She is currently artist in residence at Sarabande Foundation and participant of The Camden Arts Center Peer Forum (London, UK).

Tenant of Culture website

Marianne Walker

MA Sculpture Wimbledon School of ArtMarianne Walker graduated from MA Sculpture Wimbledon School of Art in 2002, She has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Marriane Walkers website

Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Tom Walker is a practising artist based in London, he has exhibited nationally and internationally including a solo show at Blyth Gallery. Publications include: 2013/14. Archive of Failure. 2007/08. New Contemporaries Catalogue 
2003. Lux Video Open Catalogue. Tom is also a Senior Lecturer at UCA working across Foundation, BA and MA.

Tom Walker's Website

Paul Westcombe

Paul WEstcombePaul Westcombe graduated from the Royal College of Art, Painting in 2007 and RADA in 2016. He has since exhibited widely throughout the UK and abroad. Westcombe received the William Littlejohn Award, 2012 and the John Kinross Travel Scholarship, 2004 from The Royal Scottish Academy. He has also received creative development awards from the Scottish Arts Council in 2004 and 2014. 

Recent exhibitions include: Arts Festival, (installation), Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, (2018) Head to Toe, ( SOLO installation) Fumetto international festival, Luzern Switzerland (2018), Paper is not dead,Musee de plein air des Maisons Comtoises, France (2018), Coda Paper art, Amsterdam (2017), Miss Ricks Cupboard (SOLO), Nottingham (2016), The Carp of the Tench, Dorothea Schlueter Gallery, Hamburg (2016) In Miniature , Small Collections Room, Nottingham contemporary (2015), Monsters , Maps and Myths, Rose Street Cottage of Curiosity, Isle of Sheppey(2015) Zinger! Humdinger, Canal Gallery, London (2014), Drawn In, Gallery 2-1-4-1, Edinburgh (2014), Paper, Saatchi Gallery, London (2013), The (Im)material Labour – Art Exchange (2013), London Open, Whitechapel Gallery (2012)

Paul Westcombe's website 

Clare Wilson

clare wilsonClare Wilson is painter.  Exhibitions include: Letter Home: Contemporary British Drawing, China Academy Of Art Museums (touring show 2017-2018) Blackweir Hollow, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London (2016) Rites of passage, Sporting club Russafa,Valencia  (2015); The Discerning eye, Mall Galleries, London (2014); Ground Control, Elements Art Space, Bath (2012) Spindrift Blessings, Barbican Arts Trust (2012); Resonance, Katherine Maginnis, London (2011); Divergence, Formans Smokehouse Gallery, London (2010); Revolving Gallery, York (2010); MPA Gallery, London (2009); Flash Company,  Cecil Sharp House, London (2009); Images of North Mayo, Ballinglen Art Foundation (2007); Size Matters, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London (2003); Art Futures, Contemporary Art Society, London (2003); Chase, Royal College of Art, London (2002); Place, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London (2002); New elemental aesthetic, E1 Gallery, London (2000); New Lines, Diorama Gallery, London (1998) Small Works, Lawrence  Batley Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (1996)

 Residencies include: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (2011); Ballinglen Art Foundation (2006); Florence Trust Studios (1998). Forthcoming residency: Cill Rialaig Artists Retreat, Co Kerry, Ireland (2019)

Clare Wilson is also tutor, assessor and course author with The Open College of the Arts (UCA).

Clare Wilson's Website

Dawn Woolley

Dawn WoolleyDawn Woolley is a visual artist using photography, video, installation, performance, and sound.

Woolley uses photographs of objects and people to question issues of artificiality and idealisation. In her self-portrait work she creates photographic substitutes to examine the act of looking and being looked at. She views her still life work as portraits of a type. Drawing on both definitions of the term 'consume' she produces food still life photography to represent different characters and positions in relation to advanced capitalist society. She completed an MA in Photography (2008) and PhD by project in Fine Art (2017) at the Royal College of Art. Woolley was a senior lecturer, teaching BA and MA Photography before taking up the post of research fellow at Leeds Arts University.

Dawn Woolley's website