crystal1 We are developing new nanomaterials and technologies (including high-throughput methods) for producing crystals that are pivotal to the structure determination of biological molecules at atomic resolution.

These underpin rational drug design, the understanding of biochemical mechanisms and other biotechnological applications.

NameTitle and Research interests
  Naomi Chayen  

Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine

Research interests is structural biology and structural genomics/proteomics.

  Milo Shaffer  

Professor of Materials Chemistry with the Nanostructured Materials and Devices Research Section, Department of Chemistry

Research focuses on the synthesis and applications of high aspect nanomaterials, particularly carbon nanotubes and graphenes, but including systems based on titania, zinc oxide, and layered double hydroxides. These materials are processed into hierarchical assemblies and composites for structural and functional applications

  Lata Govada  

Research Associate of the protein crystallisation group in Computational and Systems Medicine