The mechanical properties at the nanoscale (such as for example at grain boundaries) are investigated to further our understanding of macroscopic objects. This will help optimising their properties and predict failure mechanisms in important components such as aeroplane turbine blades and nuclear reactors.



David Dye


Professor in Metallurgy, Department of Materials - focus on micromechanics of alloys

Research interests are in Micromechanics of fatigue in titanium and the development of microstructure and texture in titanium alloy processing, current work on titanium focuses on the causes of dwell fatigue in titanium and shock loading in hexagonal metals.


Chris Gourlay


Senior Lecturer, Department of Materials

Research focuses on the fundamentals of alloy solidification and their application in casting and soldering with interests including: mushy-zone mechanics; X-ray imaging of solidification phenomena; eutectics; intermetallic crystal growth; pb-free soldering; and high-pressure die casting.


Joshua Edel


Senior Lecturer in Micro and Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry

Research covers nanobiotechnology with an emphasis on the development of micro and nanofluidic devices for analytical and bio-analytical applications and ultra-high sensitivity optical detection techniques.


Peter K. Petrov


Research Officer in Thin Film Technology, Department of Materials


Finn Giuliani


Joint Lecturer within the Structural Ceramics Centre, Department of Materials

Research interests include ternary nitride systems which offer the possibility of an age hardenable ceramic and novel in-situ mechanical testing regimes whether in tem, sem or synchrotron.


Norbert Klein


Professor, Chair in Electromagnetic Nanomaterials, Department of Materials

Main scientific activities are in the area of electromagnetic material characterisation and sensor applications, but also on microwave and terahertz devices for communication and sensing. One current focus is on graphene and related 2D materials.


Yuri Korchev

Professor of Biophysics, Department of Medicine

Trevor Lindley


Senior Research Investigator, Department of Materials


Adrian Sutton


Professor of Nanotechnology, Chairman of CDT on Theory and Simulations Materials, Department of Physics

Research interests are at the interface between condensed matter physics and materials science. Current work involves theory spanning classical and quantum mechanics, elastic field theory of defects and their interactions in solids, transport of atoms, electrons and heat in solids,  hermodynamics and statistical mechanics, electronic structure and interatomic forces.


Mark Wenman


Lecturer, Department of Materials

Research interests are in the field of nuclear engineering materials (specialising in metallurgy) and include micromechanisms of fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, irradiation damage, stress and strain measurement and finite element modelling from continuum to microscales. Materials include zirconium alloys, stainless steels and ferritic steels.


Eric Yeatman


Professor of Microengineering, Deputy Head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Research area is looking at materials and methods for microfabrication, and microfabricated devices.